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Women find diversity on the market and they can wear pretty much everything if they style the clothing item in the right way! They can even buy a low qualitative shirt and still look good if they tight it up somehow, accessorize it well and choose mom jeans, for example.

But, when it comes to men, choosing the right shirt can be quite an adventure! This has to be fit, to have a good fabric, to be perfectly ironed because a shirt says a lot about the man wearing it!

We give you some clues on how to choose and style a men’s shirt. #TipsAndTricks

#1. First of all, you should ask yourself what you want the shirt for, because a business shirt is a suit shirt, whether you tuck it in to your trousers or not. If you choose to wear one with jeans, you have no choice but to tuck it in. Above all, there is no shirt on the planet that matches every occasion. It takes a certain dress code to choose this item.

#2. If you wear your shirt tucked into jeans, you have to go for a belt – and make it a qualitative one. Choose a casual belt (with a stong buckle) for the casual daywear looks and a fine one for the night or the office looks.

#3. A good, stiff, straight collar will give your shirt a lot more presence and elegance than a floppy collar without whalebones (that little thing inside the collar that makes it stiff). Usually, these are removable.

#4. The cut can influence your credibility in a business meeting. The ones with the classic cut are not that good because they have an extra at the shoulders, waist and sleeves. If you tuck the shirt in, it will look really bad. The slim fit shirts are good to go. They are not too tight, not too large and they leave a good impression because they are meant to fit your style and figure.

#5. You should make sure that you are comfortable wearing it. It shouldn’t create you any kind of discomfort or even leave the impression that it will crack soon. That includes the collar too. If you want to test it, just put 3 fingers between your neck and the shirt when it’s fully buttoned.

#6. If you choose a cardigan or a blazer on top of it, you should pay attention to the length of the sleeves. The ideal context would be to have 2-3 fingers under your wrist until the blazer’s sleeve (when you stretch your hand).

#7. The fabric is extremely important because it says a lot about the quality. 100% cotton is the ideal choice for you and your skin. During the winter, you may choose wool and linen during the summer. The Synthetic fabric can cause you rashes, they tend to give you an unpleasent smell and, from the first second you wear it, you’ll have wrinkles all over it. Most times, these are the cheap ones.

#8. Iron it well! It’s inadmisible to go out wearing it straight from the washing machine.

#9. Buy it on your size! We advise you to choose a fitted shirt. Do not underestimate yourself!

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