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Do you want to buy a pair of comfy and quality sneakers? Here’s what you should know about them.

Parents know that childrenwear is much more complicated rather than womenswear or menswear. Let’s take sneakers for example: even though they are the easiest choice of them all, they seem to be hard to choose because they have to match your budget and your child’s preference at the same time.

Our simple advice: Buy the ones that match your child’s age, but do not spend too much. Here what to consider when buying new shoes for him or her!

#1. The Material

No matter the size, sneakers come with 3 types of material: Leather, Canvas and Synthetic. When it comes to children, the shoes tend to break pretty fast for multiple reasons every parentalready knows. We recommend canvas flexible sneakers or synthetic ones that leave room for the skin to breathe.

The child should feel confortable in his shoes in order to stick with them longer, up to a year. Afterwards, he grows up and you would find yourself back to basics – to shop for more shoes. That is exactly why you shouldn’t invest in the leather expensive ones – for now.

#2. The Color

Kid’s sneakers are chosen in a different color that the grown up’s. We tend to choose neautral colors, wearable on multiple occasions.

Children want to be children. They live in a colourful world and would want vibrant shades. If you buy a pair for going at school, you can choose white, black, grey or beige. Even though you may think of them as boring, they should fit with the school’s uniform.

#3. The Budget

This is the big issue. You wouldn’t want to spend too much, but still, you child deserves the best. Some parents consider to spend as much as they would spend on their own shoes. Stores got into that idea and they raise the prices. It doesn’t even matter that they use less material.

In the end, it all comes to quality. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t spend a giant amount of money on something that changes after a couple of months. You should spend enough on quality, but do not exaggerate. Don’t buy them just because they are a specific label because your child will get the idea and would want more. Choose the affordable ones instead.

#4. The Weather

Every parent buys the necessary according to his child’s needs and preferences. Puting aside the material, the budget or the color, you should take a look outside. If the fall season comes up, check out the stores for a pair of boots or cozy sneakers to warm up the feet during the cold season. It’s better to prevent than to catch a cold.

Either it’s school or a party, be aware of the aspects of buying a new pair of shoes. It’s as simple as that!


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