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Sunglasses are a cool accessory no matter the season. Yes. We said it! It doesn’t have to be summer to use them. Besides the fact that they are cool, are a must have.

Sunglasses should suit your face shape. So before you treat yourself to a new pair of your favorite brand, read this full guide. In the following, you can identify your face shape and choose whatever suits you best.


#1. Triangle or Diamond

A triangle face often features broad cheekbones, which narrow at the eye and jaw line. It’s pretty much like a diamond and the best shape would be the one that draw attention to the eyes. Frames with adjustable nose pads work perfectly. It looks good on you the soft edged octagonal and round frame shapes.

#2. Round

The round faces tend to be equal in depth and width, so opt for geometric shapes. Consider to buy frame styles more deep than wide. This fact will create a balance with rounder features. It will even make the face appear slimmer.


#3. Long

For those with a long face, the emphasis of the frame should be in the brow line area. The frame should be thicker at the top line and rounded at the lower edge. This is the perfect face shape for aviator sunglasses.

#4. Oval

Oval faces have the width of the face higher. This is the best one to wear any kind of sunglasses you want. The key is to ensure that the glasses fit centrally on the face and perfectly follow the brow line. A good choice would be the metal frames with adjustable nose pads. Look for frames with a gentle tapered angle across the cheekbones.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

#5. Heart

Those of you with heart shaped faces have the cheekbones wider. They can be emphasised to create a balance between the forehead and chin. You should draw attention to the top of the face. An aviator style is a perfect solution. For the bold girls, choose a more fashion-forward shape.

#6. Square

Square faces are characterised by a strong jaw line, which can be softened with rounded frame shapes. Consider a narrow, rounded oval shape that sits high on the face and has a degree of softness – they will minimise a broad forehead.

#7. Small Faces

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses are a great way of making a statement on a small face. To emphasize your best features, you might even choose an oversized pair.


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