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When it comes to your suit, one of the most important things is the material. Its density gives the quality and the aspect of the actual look.

Here is the full guide for the perfect suit and the ideal material of choosing.

200g – 230g Light Material

It’s the perfect material for summer suits. It’s comfy, it has some kind of light material in which your skin can easily breathe.

240g – 270g Materials All Year Around

This would be the kind of material you can wear 9-10 months per year. This kind of fabric is perfect for ceremony kind of suits. It’s a quality one because it doesn’t make wrinkles on it.

280g – 340g Thick Materials

As you can imagine, it’s better to wear it during autumn or winter season. It will keep you classy and warm during the day or night. It looks good on you and you can even take a cozy trench on your shoulders.


The most common suit you should own is a wool one. There are two kinds of wool: the brushed one and the non-processed. The last one means that the threads are not brushed before the actual process of making the material.

There are multiple ways in which wool is produced to become a fabric. It may become flanel, tweed or gabardine.

For sure you have heard of 100s, 140s, 160s or 180s. The higher the number, the better the quality. This numbers show us the finesse of the material. It’s a smooth wool if it’s a higher number.

The 140s, 160s and 180s are light and smooth, perfect for the summer days. The 100s are not that durable. If you wear it daily, you may have to buy another one shortly.


The cashmere is considered to be a luxury material. It may be a bad choice to own, because it has that certain glow. This one is kind of inesthetic. It’s the Italian style because the Italian designers invented it.

Either way, choose a suit that highlights your best features. The material it’s one of the most important things.

Have fun shopping!

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