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Girls everywhere seem to be addicted to heels. Each and every height is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. We believe that there is no single item that can move an outfit from casual to formal as well as a heeled shoe.

The unfortunate thing is that they can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you wear them for a long time. Therefore, we chose to reveal the secrets to choosing the right heel height for you.

The unknown thing is that flats can be much more harmful than a pair of high heels. Odd right? But you should know that your weight is entirely on your heel. In time, this thing can be quite devastating especially with long working hours. Many of you think that the heeled shoes are the downfall. Well, they aren’t! At least, not only them!

The platforms can be a good choice. It’s the middle way to one another! All your pain will quickly disappear if you have the right ones! The noticeable thing is, while you go out in some pair of heels and party all night, they don’t leave you marks. Instead, some other pairs leave you in pain after only 20 minutes. Odd right?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to choose the right heels for you. Take them into consideration next time you go shopping!

#1. The Measurement

The measurement is the first thing to do. It’s necessary to measure the angle at which your foot naturally wants to rest. The first step is to remove your current shoes and sit on a regular chair, with a good posture. You should know that the chair must have a flat seat, in order to keep your back straight.

Afterwards, lift one leg up, so that it is extended in a straight line in front of you. Leave the other leg down resting on the floor. Relax the lifted foot and ankle. If you feel like the foot sags down a little, that means you’re much comfortable in high heels. If they stay upright, it means the opposite.

To measure the exact height you can bare to your heels, draw an invisible straight line from your big toe to where your heel ends. This line will create an angle with your foot.

#2. Comfortable or Not

Our feet have a natural angle, but also designed to walk on their tiptoe. If it’s not that difficult to do that for a couple of seconds even minutes, it might feel good to walk even in heels. The flexibility of the ankle is the most important of them all. Women who have a very stable ankle joint will do better with a flatter shoe, while those whose ankle joints are a little looser will benefit from higher heels.

#3. The Balance

Wearing them or not, the balance makes your life easier. To ensure your high heels are less likely to cause painful corns, there are a few other things to keep in mind, other than just the heel height.
You’d want to make sure that your toes have enough space in the toe-box. Many high-heeled shoes have the toe space too narrow. This compresses the toes, therefore they get uncomfortable. It even may lead to a variety of foot problems.

If you want down the street, you don’t want to shake. You also want to make sure the high heel itself is well situated, so that the high heels don’t throw you off balance. The heel itself should have a narrow width and to properly support the ankle. The solution would be a tighter instep, which holds the foot above the arch, rather than allowing it to slide down.

So, you should buy well-constructed high heels that support your feet. You should pay attention to the room for the toes and to give balance. Usually, the quality shoes are well designed to do just that. Now that’s not a rule. The no-so-expensive ones may suport you just right.

#4. The Height of the Heels


The healthiest choice of them all. It will give you an arch support and a bit of lift. The most popular heel is the kitten heel. CUte and feminine, this one gives you a retro vibe. Aim for Mary Jane or ankle straps, meant to look perfect with the low height.


A boost of confidence and height, this size is considered to be a midi heel. It looks great in a peep toe, a cone heel, or a slingback strap. It’s the best choice for a garden party, the officelooks or a casual outfit for walking in the park.


Perfect in every situation, they will make you look amazing, no matter what. If you can’t get used to it, you can still wear them for short periods of time. It’s a must, especially if you attend the events where you will mostly be sitting down.


Unless your feet are on a serious angle, this heel height are close to outrageous. Our favourites are “le femme fatale” kind of shoes – those point-toe shoes or peep-toe. However, avoid shoe design that won’t support your ankles and in-step.

5-Inch Heels and Above

These shoes should be avoided by every woman. Due to the fact that they get uncomfortable, even if you are used to every height, they are not that good for your spine. The medical issues you can get are numerous if you choose constantly this size of a heel. It highlights the unnatural angle that will throw you completely off balance, and could damage your toes. They are best to avoid.

Platforms / Wedges

The middle solution would be platform shoes. If you are hoping for a 5-inch boost, a 1.5-inch platform could make it so your foot is actually sitting at a 3.5 angle. However, this kind of heel may be much more dangerous than any other. Because the platform sits under the toe, it will throw you off balance. If you steped on a rock or something, you might even lux the ankle. It might cause more rigidity than is necessary below the arch. Try them on and choose the risk you are taking.

Try on shoes, and see if you can balance on them easily. That’s the way to go!

Happy shopping spree!

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