We all have those days with a big lack of inspiration and the weather doesn’t help us either. Looking at your wardrobe, you don’t even know where to start. It’s like the color “red” is a must have, but you don’t know what to wear it with. It’s like you try the black & white combination, but you can’t figure out where to put the color?! What about the accessories? What shoes to pick?

Heels, no heels! Decisions… decisions… decisions!

#1. A casual dress over a pair of skinny pants. Yes. it’s a bold combination but it’s worth trying. If you don’t want to wear tights that day, you get to choose jeans instead. You can even choose a pair of cutout jeans with a shirt dress on top of it, or a pair of leather pants with a dress with metallic details (for the love of rock) or even a masculine blazer. Just to understand what we’re talking about, see the looks below.

Photo Source: Maja Wyh on Pinterest

#2. A monochrome outfit. Is there anything easier than to put on a simple but chic outfit? If you would choose an earth color (white, beige, grey or black) outfit, you should choose your shoes carefully. But, if you want to wear electric colors, it’s better to choose a nude footwear. That way, you don’t get the attention all at once.

Photo Source: Anna-Quan on Pinterest

Photo Source: Street Style Model Looks on Pinterest

#3. A maxi dress is the easiest choice of them all. If you don’t really have a dress code at work and you don’t have a scheduled appointment that particular day, a maxi dress will get you off track. It can make your life easier for a number of reasons: you don’t worry about the length, it’s all in one clothing item, it goes with heels or flats because it’s versatile as it is.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Photo Source: College Fashion

#4. An overall. It’s all good because you don’t have to add anything more because is already a statement clothing item.

Photo Source: Celebrities on Pinterest

Photo Source: Be Mody

#5. High waist jeans and a T-shirt or a basic white/black/printed shirt. You have the freedom of choice regarding the accessories.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#6. An oversized shirt or sweater + tights or jeans + biker boots is the perfect ensemble to run errands in.



Photo Source: Pinterest

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