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Every one loves brands. Either it’s an expensive one or not, the designers make worth our while. The clothes and the accessories are something to wish for in stores. Here you find the treasures but you should expect the expensive ones. The prices are so high that you literally keep the change every day to  afford one. A girl dreams of them all, but it’s often difficult to get one.

Full of high-fashion knock-offs, we all should know that there are people that make them at a lower price. Yep. We all love those “designers”. With that, there comes the ways to spot a fake from the real designer handbags.

It’s pretty nice to walk around with a Prada in your hands. For sure, you’ll get the attention just like a fashion show. But it’s real or fake? You have seen all the new designer bags that are actually real and you covet them. While watching the street fashion trends, you noticed that some of the bags may not be the brand.

Although a fake Prada purse costs me to $200, but the real version of it is actually $1000. Sometimes we all want the brand name and even the quality, but we often cannot afford it. It’s a high price to pay, therefore we opt for the cute fake ones.

However, some of those perfect fakes are sold to us in the disguise of a true designer handbag. Yeeey! Fool around with it because it look great, even though it’s not the real deal. We cannot tell if they are real or fake most of the time when the duplicity is perfectly executed. Isn’t it girls?

With these easy tips, you’ll finally know how to figure out a fake designer handbag. Using these, you should spend your money on the authentic one! If you choose so, of course!


The real deal in a Coach bag is recognizable after these:

  • Is there a serial number embossed on the inside on a patch of leather? There should be a number or number & leather combination, wherein the last four or five digits indicate the style number. You can easily check through that online.
  • The C letters of the logo should be evenly lined every side. If not, you are looking at a fake. The logo should also appear on every piece of hardware.
  • The location. Usually it should state that it is in Italy, but you may also find China or another country. Even if it’s not he best thing to search for, it’s the little detail that makes the difference.
  • When you have a pocket, it shouldn’t appear as if there is a break in transition.
  • The stitching should be impeccable.


A Marc Jacobs handbag is a statement bag no matter what. The designer has an eye for detail and it’s worth our while checking to make sure it is real! Here are the tips for that:

  • When it’s a fake, a piece of leather is used underneath the logo to make sure it sticks. If the nameplate is directly attached to the bag, it’s the real deal.
  • If there’s a “Lampo” or a “RiRi” embossed on the backside of the zipper it’s the real deal. Also, there also should be the Marc Jacobs logo. These 2 reasons are very important and no piece is without them.
  • The designer favorite detail is the suede lining. Do all the outer pockets have a suede lining? So it makes for a very good indicator for the designer accessory.
  • Does it say “Made in Italy”? If the answear is yes, it’s the most important fact to have the certitude of a designer MJ bag. If it’s written anywhere on the place or within the inner pocket, it’s a good one. Chances are that the pieces are not made anywhere else so this is a fact of a real purse.


What are the exact things you should be looking for when you are buying Prada? Well…

  • A designer Prada bag should have the “R” letter with a curved leg.
  • Is the plaque firmly attached? Or is the stitching evenly done everywhere on the bag? If yes, it’s the designer bag. Well, if not, you are looking at a fake.
  • Did you notice that the internal plaque matches the interior fabric of the bag? Maybe you’ll also see that the leather patch has four rivets which is a huge difference.
  • The zippers should be embossed on the back side. Also, they should include a “Lampo” or “RiRi”, an “YKK” or an “Ipi” or “Opti”.
  • Can you find the company logo on every piece of hardware included? Just like any other real designer bag, it should be anywhere. If not, it is not a very good fake item. They should at least imitate the original using this trick.
  • If you already found a white tag with numbers in an interior pocket, it is the real deal.


The Balenciaga handbags are pretty gorgeous. The best thing to do is to look for those distinct details to buy the real deal.

  • Do the rivets at the back of the handles have notches? That should generally be the case, while the hardware should be nice and secure.
  • The interior label has to be from embossed leather or engraved metal. Also, it should have the style number on the front or back side of the flap.
  • Balenciaga bag would have the tail end stating Paris on the stamped logo of the flap. Does it have a period or underscore in between? If not, you may be looking at a fake.


There are everywhere. Literally everywhere. It’s a common thing to have the fake one, but what if? In order to get it done, you should look for these.

  • Have you noticed anything unsymmetrical about the monogram? If so, it is not a real one, because the designer loves symmetry.
  • Can you find the date codes around the bag? If you do, it’s the expensive one.
  • Is the company logo on every part of the hardware the bag comes with? This is the statement thing for every designer bag. The eye for detail is the catch in the matter. This ensures that no part of the bag has been changed or it’s a fake.
  • It should all be very even and symmetrical. We’re talking about the stitching. You should have the same number appearing in similar locations of the bag.
  • Does your bag show signs of aging? That means it is real leather and not the synthetic used by knock-offs. They want to prevent the ugly truth around the handles.


This is what you should look for when buying Gucci bags:

  • The leather trim should show quality.
  • Chances are the piece won’t be from anywhere rather than Italy, so this is a good way to prove. The Gucci label it’s 100% “Made in Italy”.
  • Have you noticed prints on the leather? The Gucci material should only be embossed.
  • Make sure that the stitching is perfect.
  • Does the “G” on the logo canvas appear to be uneven? It should never be so, instead offering clean curves and lines to ensure it is real.
  • An authentic Gucci bag should own the company logo on every piece of hardware.


Chanel handbags are timeless. Shouldn’t we all have a real one?

  • Does the pocket stitches matching with the actual bag? If not, you’ve been fooled. Chanel has a thing for details.
  • Are there brand markings on the turn locks? If not, it’s a bad fake missing out such an obvious sign.
  • Each year, the zippers have a different look, so that Chanel marks it’s authenticity.
  • Is there a foil interior label that matches the hardware color? It should always be there and even centered with even spacing.
  • Can you find the hologram inside each and every single Chanel bag? It is an awesome way to make sure that your Chanel bag is the brand’s design.


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