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Everyone want to look cool. Every girl out there want to be trendy, modern and stylish. How can you get that?! By adding something more that boring.

Either you invest in quality, you add your personal touch or some kind of jewelry, you’ll get there. Here are some things you can do to be a stylish girl!

#1. Highlight your best features

What should we ask more? Nobody wants to be up front with their lows. Whenever you’re stumped about what to wear, simply think of your favorite body part, and dress to show it off. Do you have a perfect waist? Try a crop top. Do you love your legs? Put on a mini skirt.

#2. Put on at least one accessory

Try to get out from your house wearing at least one accessory. These items are the spice of an outfit, and can make even a basic outfit spectacular. It can be easy to skip them, so make them outrageous all together. Sunglasses, a statement necklace, mismatched earrings – anything you can think of.

#3. Give up on flats, and go for the heels

Even if it’s comfortable to wear flats, heels are much more feminine. Heels will elevate your look – literally. You’ll look more confident and put together instantly. We’re not saying you should wear heels every day. Just choose them more because it will certainly have stylish benefits. Shop the picks for the most comfy ones.

#4. Add your personal touch

Your personal touch should have 2 things: reflective of your signature style. It’s flattering to see that you are faithful to a particular design or fabric. Look in your wardrobe and see what design is everywhere. It can be spotted a specific variation or a belted jacket, or slim-fitting jeans. Finding your own uniform and wear it with attitude.


 #5. Add one surprising element to your outfit

The best outfits often have an unexpected element. For example, it may be a feminine, look, but with a twist: a punk-inspired choker. The effect can also be achieved with unique styling, like a scarf bracelet or a sweater tied around her neck or a backpack in romantic looks.


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