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If a bunch of girls gather around and make a brainstorming regarding the perfect figure to fit into everything, they all could agree they should be simply fit. Fit means to have the right measurements and look good according to your age, height and lifestyle you choose to adopt.

But, above all that we all seem to want one thing: to look thinner. Here are some tips and tricks to look thinner than you usually are!

#1. Peplum Tops, Peplum Pants, Peplum everything

The peplum will make your body thinner by putting your waist into the spotlight. This trick manages to hide what’s meant to be hidden and will highlight the good parts. It’s perfect for “the apple body shape”.

#2. Layering

We’ve all heard about layers. It’s not as simple as it may seem, because the final look has to be natural. You can even try with color-block colors or to mix prints with a similar line. If you can’t manage to mix them up, just stick with putting together different pieces, for example: T-shirt, shirt, flare pants, blazer, trench. The layering style suits the androgine girls because they have a straight figure and need to add some extra on their figure.

#3. The Jacket

Jeans. Biker. Leather. Either way, a jacket is well received, especially if you wear it on your shoulders.

#4. A Bold Pattern

Our thought: stripped flare pants and a top with large dots.

#5. Off The Shoulder Tops

These kind of tops create a symmetric figure. Therefore, it can distract your attention from other parts of your body that you want to hide. These tops are ideal for “the apple body shape”.

#6. Long Skirt

A long skirt would be the quickiest trick of them all because it can add your figure some length.

#7. High Waist

Either it’s a pair of jeans, a pencil skirt, a pair of office pants, the high waist would be your best friend. Just to make sure that it works, don’t forget to add shaping lengerie.

#9. All Black Everything

Everyone knows that black color makes you thinner no questions asked, no matter the silhouette.

#10. Short Skirt

The short skirt will make your legs look longer and your entire figure taller. It works perfectly for the androgine girls and “the pear body shape”.

Which one have you already tried?

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