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How To Master The Oversized Jacket Trend

Everyone loves them. What’s not to love on an oversize jacket when it gives you a comfy feeling, it’s more than useful in those weather conditions, it’s chic and a hot thing to wear right now.

The fashion trends from the last season never got it off the list. London street style loves this item and it’s a piece of resistance in every wardrobe.

Either you decide to go with denim, faux fur, leather, satin, wool, metallic print, florals or cotton, this type of jacket was, is and will be in style for a while.

Why? Because you can wear it with heels or, if you don’t feel like, with sneakers. It doesn’t have a specific style, so, the important thing would be the oversize shoulders.

For sure you noticed than British people prefer large shoulders, much larger than their actual one. They find the most interesting materials and colors.

A denim jacket over a knitted sweater (during winter) or over a lace crop top (during summer) sounds like a good choice to us. A stylish choice would be a colored faux fur.

But there’s more: the oversize trench. It will look amazing with a pair of ripped jeans. A metallic parka will make a good team with the dark red lipstick.

Give up on those boring colors and dare oversize jackets in vibrant colors like pink, green, red, orange or even yellow. If you’re much more comfortable with neutral colors, dress in these, but leave the color block for the jacket on top.

How To Master The Oversized Jacket Trend

The oversize jacket flatters all kinds of silhouettes and you can wear it in elegant, casual, sporty, tomboy, grunge, rock outfits.

The important thing is to feel good wearing it and to rock your walk!

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