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When it comes to dressing elegant, there’s a catch: matching your shirt with the tie. It’s quite difficult because there are involved the shoes and the belt also. Here are some combinations that will help you match everything right, especially when it comes to expressing your style.


Most of the style tests on men show that up to 50% of the chosen shirts are wrong accessorised and don’t quite match the rest of the outfit. If you want to assure yourself that you got it right, here are some basic rules to follow.

The collar of the shirt has to be loose in order to be comfortable around your neck. The sleeves have to be wide enough with 1 cm off the sleeve of the jacket. If you have long neck, choose higher collars. If you have a short one just choose lower ones. If you have unusual proportions (longer hands for example), you may try to go to the tailor to make it to your own size, although the price may be higher. If we talk about expensive tailored shirts, you should know that, usually, it’s better to leave the cuff a little loose than the normal one, for your watch.

Speaking of the mandatory wardrobe, you should have at least 6 quality shirts. White is a must, but it’s worth to invest in bleu, pale pink and other lighter colors that suit you. Stripped shirts are a good choice instead of the white ones. Avoid thick stripes. If you have a dinner to attend, choose a bleu shirt to balance with the red from you cheeks from the wine!

The morning after? Experts recommend a corai shirt to distract the attention from the hangover.


The simple tie is a safe choice. Stripped ties are also a good choice but only if you match them with the color of your shirt. In your wardrobe, there has to be at least 5 ties, one for every day of the week (the working days). The bleu and the black tie are a must – for the official occasions.


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The test of a good tie? Let it slide and see if it turns around or not. If so, that indicates that it was made at the wrong angle – not 45 as it should be.

Recommended Combinations: a shirt with fine stripes and a bleu shirt, a plaid shirt with a uni tie in one of the colors from the shirt, flower shirt and no tie.

Photo Source: Pinterest, Pixabay.


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