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speed up metabolism
speed up metabolism

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You already know that metabolism slows with age, so you probably worry about finding ways to speed up your metabolism. Fortunately, researches have shown that it is possible to rev it up. For that, it is essential to know how to deal with the main factors that became enemies for our metabolism. You most certainly guess what these factors are: hormones’ revolution, muscle loss and stress. We are ready to provide some tips on how to prevent them from slowing you fat-burning engine.

Firstly, metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that control the good functioning of our body. It especially refers to the digestive system. Therefore, it is essential to mind how it works especially if we are fighting weight loss.

Learn how to speed up your metabolism for a perfect healthy look  

Healthy diet. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the necessary sustenances as well as the energy our body needs to function properly. Don’t think that if you give up one meal you will lose calories. Once you do that, you make your metabolism slow down. This way, it will be more and more difficult for your body to burn fat. It is its natural reaction to try and store them for the next time you skip meals. So eat healthy early in the morning. Also, remember to eat five times a day, but no later than 7 p.m.

Exercise. Your body needs to stay fit. Therefore, do exercises in the first part of the day. This way, you will speed up your metabolism a lot better than if you did it in the evenings. You need to free your energy and this will make you lose more calories, even after exercising. Also, alternate resistance exercises with intensity exercises.

Muscle building. Muscles are the key to fat burning. Therefore, train them well using your own weight or fitness weights. The more intense the fitness training, the more calories your muscle will burn immediately after finishing it.


Time for rest. Don’t forget that resting is as important to speed up your metabolism. Sleep well and find time for yourself. Relax and enjoy life as it is. When your body doesn’t have enough sleep, it gets stressed. Therefore, it will have the tendency to store calories first time it receives food.


Fibers. Fibers are a very important part of your diet. Whole grains are not only healthy but they provide the necessary energy for the whole day. Thus, the studies show they help you burn 10% more calories. Moreover, due to the fact that they are harder to digest, they will help your body burn more calories while doing it.

Drink water. Researchers have proven that 8 to 12 glasses of water daily help burning fat. In addition, you will feel full already, so there will be no need to have something else in your stomach. It is advisable to drink one glass of water first thing in the morning.

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