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You don’t feel like wearing flats! Nor heels. What’s left?! Platform shoes! These are generally everyone’s favorites when it comes to choosing comfy and stylish shoes. We love to walk around in those cute type of shoes because they add height to your stature. 

The comfort part is more than assured wearing them because if a platform doesn’t, who does? What are the best ways to wear the platform shoes especially when you have so many errands to do?

The thick soles of platform are normally made of wood, cork, rubber or plastic. This type of footwear were, are and always will be stylish no matter their shape. Many centuries back, the Japanese, Greeks, Chinese and the Romans were wearing platform shoes.

#1. The History

An interesting fact would be that in Ancient Greece, they were used to raise the height of important individual characters. this would occur in theatre performances. The Ancient Chinese traditions of thick soles made of layers of white clothes are still kept in the Peking opera. These designs gained popularity in the 1930s up until the 1950s. From that moment on, it was clear that the fashion world was redefining itself, before exploding for the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

The first modern version of this shoe was presented by Moshe Kimmel to actress Marlene Dietrich. That particular design soon became popular among the Beverly Hills elite. During the disco era, platform boots, also known as disco boots, were huge among men as well. For women, they were already overrated. No matter the age, they began to rock the look.

The fashion would keep on changing over the years. Vivienne Westwood designer a 9 inch heels with the 5 inch platforms for Naomi Campbell to wear. Afterward, the girl bands like the Spice Girls would bring back this design combining perfectly the comfort and style. After the ’90s, the next step was the childrenswear. In a combo with Disney characters, it was time for parents to match their kids with a comfy but stylish choice of footwear. The main reason of it would be that they keep the feet protected from the dirt.

#2. The Street Style Looks

Chic in the city

The urban chic vibe is all over the place these summer days. Considering the fact that it’s pretty hot outside, stick with lovely white outfits and comfy shoes. The 2017 trends might say to aff florals, a pretty raffia bag and a summer hat with a scarf tied on it. To make things pop, wear it with attitude!

Sporty vibe

Simply combine a pretty outfit with a pair of platform sneakers. The efortless look makes you feel like you are walking on a fashion week. The comfy feeling will make you feel like you are waking on the clouds. The relaxed look is given by the platforms, no matter how chic your skirt and blouse happen to be.


Casual at the office

Experiment with a pair of platforms that is a lot more on the sophisticated side! Even if it has ribbons, glitter details or some ruffles, pairing it with trousers and blazers will make you look Italian. You can even wear suits with the platforms. You favorite dress might look much more lovely if you add this footwear. It’s efortless and appropriate without having to add on a blazer or wear multiple pieces together.


Holiday look

The holiday look with a maxi dress is an ideal thing to wear. While your shoes may not be showing the whole time, they will peek through the veils. The platform touch will make you look taller and the maxi dress slimmer. It’s the hottest trick out there. You would appear rather intriguing and mysterious underneath it all.

#3. Tips and Tricks

When picking out your platform shoes, make sure the platforms are not too narrow at the soles. This thing will assure that you can wear them without hurting your feet. If you want something really easy, go for the cork made soles, with smaller platforms and breathable fabrics.

If you have long legs, just opt for the ankle length pants and your favorite platform heels. This combo will make you turn to an elegant appeal. Another good combination would be with cuffed denim.

If you love your Oxford shoes so much, next time, choose for platform ones. Neither too high nor too low, these ones are giving just enough height to make you taller. You’ll get to show off your vintage point.

The ankle boots are a great choice for the cold days. Everyone’s favorite look is the one with fishnet stockings. Opt for pretty versions of the ankle boots, because it will elongate your legs while still keeping the feet warm.

Dare to choose them because it’s a good choice if you can’t really decide between heels and flats!

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