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worn open denim shirt

Do you miss the times when a denim shirt was an important item for all men’s wardrobe? Well, those times are back! Even though this item was underrated in the last decades, it seems that it has enjoyed a fashion revival. Regardless of the season, men can find ways to wear it in a most fashionable way. Because it is such a versatile item, it is easy to match it to our outfit, either at the office or for casual meeting.

As your denim shirt might have drawn you back to the 80’s, you can now have a totally new fashion experience. Here is all you need to know about wearing a denim shirt.

  • Firstly, never wear an exclusively denim outfit. Decide over on single denim item. It might as well be the shirt.
  • However, if you insist on wearing it with jeans, make sure you choose different tones, texture or volume. You do not want to look old fashioned or monotonous, do you?
  • Use another item to create a contrast between the items you are wearing.
  • You should stick to blue for denim shirts. It is easy to match and it seems to be always in trend.
  • Always wear the right size!

What to wear with a denim shirt?

Here are some suggestions oh what goes well with denim shirts.

WORN OPEN – It will look great on you if you match it with a printed shirt all over the year.

worn open denim shirt

source: google

HOLIDAY CHIC- What can be more suitable for a spring or summer holiday outfit? Wear it with chino short combo and Converse for a casual wear and you will have all eyes on you.

holiday chic denim shirt

source: google

THE ‘BECKHAM HALF TUCK – Well, it is true that David Beckham can wear anything and still be glamorous. Why not give it a try yourself?

beckham style denim shirt

THE DOUBLE-BREASTED SUITE – In a world of extremes when it comes to fashion, a denim shirt will always keep the balance between casual and formal.

double breasted suit denim shirt

source: google

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