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Buenos Aires

“Buenos Aires fashion it is more of an attitude than an aesthetic. We want to protest against the future that is being imposed on us. We want to create a new perspective.”  –  Romina Cardillo

Argentina, and especially Buenos Aires, is very fashionable and trendy, with a vibrant artisan culture. The city’s bohemian vibes seep through the local fashion trends, proving once again that the Argentinean capital is “The Paris of South America”.

Individuality, uniqueness and boldness

Little by little the Buenos Aires is developing an appetite for the new and the provocative. Look into the city’s fashion scene and you’ll discover a whole host of forward-thinking, creative young designers. These talented are making a name challenging the porteño status quo with thoughtful and daring approaches to apparel.

Buenos Aires is a city that loves fashion! Hence, Argentinian fashion is poised to gain some global attention through the local style.

Buenos Aires

Creative designers are quickly opening up the international doors to what was once one of South America’s most glamorous nations. It is known that South America is the sexiest continent to visit, and Buenos Aires seems its center.

Today, Argentina is known as one of the most stylish countries in Latin America. With its European influence in cosmopolitan cities like Buenos Aires, Argentina fashion is on the rise. Young and old take pride in how they dress, indulge in beauty treatments, and always try to look their best. Popular trends are followed by both men and women, especially by young people. (The Independent)

Even more, here is an extreme focus on quality over quantity.  A respect for rich fabrics and a long history of immaculate tailoring is what makes Buenos Aires sexy and fashionable. This is a quiet display of pride, not an exhibition of wealth.

In 2017, Argentina is putting its mark on the runways of Europe.

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