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intelligent cars

People become more and more interested in intelligent cars rather than beautiful cars.

Can you picture a world without any car crashes or traffic jams? Wouldn’t you dream at a fast car with low gas consumption? How about a relaxed driver who would be able to watch a TV screen or read e-mails or communicate with others while heading to work?

intelligent cars

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It looks quite unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, you never know what future can bring.

Modern technologies seem to be quite a gift for humanity. They make you believe that, eventually, everything is possible. For instance, the world of self-governing cars has already revealed to us. Many showrooms make you remain stunned with new intelligent cars, either prototypes or ready to be sold.

Big companies such as General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo or Nissan announced that they will be selling driverless cars by 2015. On the other hand, Google has been preoccupied with creating special programs for intelligent cars by the end of 2020. They have been making tests already and these tests look quite promising.

intelligent cars

source: google

What are intelligent cars? 

Apparently there is no difference between an intelligent car and the regular ones. However, once you get in, you will understand why they are called intelligent.

An autonomous or self-sufficient car is, in fact, a vehicle able to navigate with no human input. It is also called a driverless car, a self-driving car or even a robotic car. Intelligent cars use specific control systems and techniques such as radar, GPS, laser light, odometry or computer vision. Thus, they identify obstacles and keep the path, due to the interpretation of sensory information. It is almost like your car gets a brain of its own. The artificial intelligence allows it to get and then process the information.

Although since May 2017 automated cars were permitted on public roads according to some regulations, they are not fully autonomous. A human driver is still at the wheel, making sure that the vehicle is “following orders”. Thus, the driver is always ready to take control in case things nay go wrong.

What are the benefits of using intelligent cars?

  • Less car accidents. Studies show that most accidents happen because of the driver.
  • Reducing fuel consumption. The computer will be able to optimize driving by choosing the faster route or the one that avoids traffic jams.
  • Increasing engine efficiency. Less carbon dioxide in the air will help keep the environment healthy.
  • More time for the driver. As the driver is no longer concerned with traffic issues, he or she will be able to solve some other important situations.
  • Traffic efficiency. Intelligent cars will also be able to share traffic experiences, so algorithms will continuously improve.

There are still some issues to be solved regarding intelligent cars. They refer to standardization of intelligent systems as well as to legislation. They are still at experimental level. However, the future sounds pretty promising. Until then, drive safe!


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