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la ferrari aperta
la ferrari aperta

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Because Ferrari has a great respect for its customers, they created LaFerrari Aperta in a limited edition series model. This is how Ferrari has decided to celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. In fact, this is about reaching a whole new level in the car industry. This new model embeds the company’s core values and it is a gift to its most passionate clients.

70 years ago, Ferrari started producing supercars. In 1947, the founder, Enzo Ferrari was driving 125S, his first car having a drive test on the streets of Maranello. That is why, this year the Italian producers have prepared several events to mark the starting point of their company. It is another original way of throwing down the glove to their competitors setting standards up high. At the same time, the old Ferrari 126 S will symbolically drive through 60 countries starting from Australia. Of course, the final destination is Maranello.

Thus, the new La Ferrari Aperta will join in to make a memorable journey to mark the evolution of the famous company.

What is LaFerrari Aperta?

LaFerrari is a supersport hybrid. Firstly, it was released in 2013 at the International Geneva Motor Show. The idea was to bring out a competitor for the famous McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Veneno. In fact, this was the first model entirely designed by Ferrari, without the old cooperation with Pininfarina.

The Paris Auto Show in October 2016 unveiled the new La Ferrari Aperta. Being a high-end model, only 209 cars are available with a selective distribution. The company claims that all units have already been sold to customers via invitation, even before being built. Of course, the price is way over the average budget, and gets over 2.2 million dollars.

Main features of LaFerrari Aperta

  • The innovation consists in using the HY-KERS system on a two-engine model. It couples an 800 CV 6262cc V12 with a 120 kW (163 CV) electric motor for a total output of over 960 CV. Thus, the engineers managed to optimize the internal combustion engine’s performance at higher rev.
  • It provides the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent.
  • The new model comes with a removable carbon-fibre hard top and a removable soft top.
  • This futuristic car retains the essential characteristics of the coupé. However, the doors have a different rotation system, being in a slightly different angle than in the coupé version.
  • Due to its design, this car gets the top of supercar category in terms of dynamic performance. In order to do that, the technicians have focused on reinforcing the lower section of the car. As it has no roof, they needed to find solutions to cope with the stresses of the force lines.
  • The car features 7-speed F1 Dual-Clutch Gearbox

Other changes include more efficient powertrain’s control electronics, re-angled radiators to direct air flow out along the underbody rather than over the bonnet, a longer front air dam to help boost downforce, L-shaped flap on the upper corner of each windscreen pillar to reduce compression on the rear of the cabin in the absence of a roof, different butterfly door angle with different wheel arches and a new carbon fibre insert allowing the doors to rotate.

Technical data for LaFerrari Aperta

Total maximum power –963 CV

Acceleration –<7 SEC 0-200KM/H

Max speed >350KM/H

HY-KERS system:

Total maximum power 963 CV
Total maximum torque >900 Nm
V12 maximum power* 800 CV @9000 rpm
Maximum revs 9250 rpm
V12 maximum torque 700 Nm @6750 rpm
Electric motor output 120 Kw (163 CV)
CO2 emissions 340 g/km


Length 4702 mm
Width 1992 mm
Height 1116 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm

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