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Everybody knows LeBron James is has changed his style over the years and now he is one of the most fashionable professional basketball player.

As they have just played the NBA finals, LeBron James got everybody’s eyes on him again. The best professional basketball teams fought in the North American Championship. Thus the title went to Golden State Warriors after 5 challenging games with Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, our intention here is to point out that LeBron James is also a professional when it comes to the way he dresses. In order to do that, we will see what he wore during the 2017 NBA finals.

The famous player of Cleveland Cavaliers showed us one more time how you can keep being glamorous even when you loose. If his performance in the finals was not at his highest peak, he certainly draw attention on him with the fashionable outfits. Since 2005, NBA fashion instituted a dress code for players. The idea was to revise the image of the league and trend toward professionalism. Thus, every time the players appear in public in team or league business related affairs, they ought to wear business casual attire. Still, they need to come correct with their style when doing that.

LeBron James and his fashionable business casual attire 

All the way from the bus to the locker rooms or at press conferences, LeBron James showed that he really is one of the most fashionable basketball players. The dominant feature came out from the collaboration with the famous American designer, John Elliot. As they started working together in 2015, they released basketball sneakers series Nike LeBron 12 and Nike LeBron Soldier X.

But the person who influenced the most LeBron’s change of style over the years, is Rachel Johnson. Her opinion is that James goes for “a more Italian playboy kind of look. Sexy but relaxed, effortless, confident, more color and more playful.” Thus, the star of American basketball startled with various pieces from the American sportswear designer’s Season 9 “Watching Water” collection. Even if LeBron mostly wore John Elliott’s creations, there were some others out of his collection.

Here are some of the outfits LeBron James wore during this year’s NBA finals:


  1. Jhon Elliot Bomber jacket, Air Jordan sneakers, T shirt Lanvin, Nik Fouquet Hats

source: google

2. Jhon Elliott -Riders Jacket, Wanderlusrt+Co Striped T shirt, Glades Tamez Millinery-optimo hat


source: google

3. Lanvin- striped Shirt, Tom Ford belt, Glades Tamez Millinery-optimo hat

Lanvin- striped Shirt, Tom Ford belt, Glades Tamez Millinery-optimo hat

source: Google

4. Philip Lim- Stripe Embroidered Tshirt, Nick Fouquet -The Maritume Fur Felt Fedora, Tom Ford belt

Le Bron James

source: google

5. Dries Van Noten Shirt, Gucci Jeans, Goyard Belt and John Elliott x Nike Sneakers

Dries Van Noten Shirt, Gucci Jeans, Goyard Belt and John Elliott x Nike Sneakers

Source: google

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