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bomber jacket

A bomber jacket is a piece of outerwear, similar to a former pilot jacket. Usually, it is tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands and typically having a zip front. Originally, they made it out of heavy-duty leather. However, in time it changed a lot and nowadays it comes in a variety of forms.

bomber jacket

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Men’s bomber jacket is quite a bulky item. Thus, they feature ribbed cuffs and hem, front zip closure and defined neckline. Some modern types may even have a hood.

Many of the items in out wardrobe are under the influence of the military outfit. This article is about the 2017 trends in wearing men’s bomber jackets. Firstly, we must say that this item has always been successful. The way things go, it seems that it will still have a long live. That happens because designers have transformed and adapted it to the requirements of fashion on each of its steps. Still, it remains a very versatile item, with a very masculine look. The best part is that it is easy to adapt to any casual clothes.

In 2017, this item brings new features, such as extra-large sleeves and new daring models. Also, it bring us back to the 90’s with black and olive, adding dark purple and deep teal. However, the most attractive seems to be burgundy. As far as the fabrics is concerned, there is a large diversity: denim, light wool, cotton or even fleece. If you are after a more stylish look, you should try suede.

Prints are still a fashionable detail and Jacket bombers fall into line with them.

Here are some ideas of how a bomber jacket fits into 2017 trends:

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