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Hot days and hot night. It’s safe to say that summer is here and it’s getting really bold. In a previous article, we talked about 2017 Spring Summer Swimwear Trends for Women. Now, ladies, make room for the boys!

When it comes to swimwear, it may seem pretty intuitive what’s in. But, there are some situations in which you simply need to know the trends to wear that season. Even if it’s straight forward, there are lots of options in stores. Although the swimwear is just a piece of fabric, it’s what you need to make a statement. So, you get only one chance to make it right.

To help you rule the beach or the pool this summer, here are The Men Spring Summer 2017 Swimwear Trends to wear.

#1. Simply Retro

The retro look comes over and over again in everything. This nostalgic swimwear tends to have more than an interesting vibe this season. The designers upgraded it to help you avoid looking like in the ’60s. Even if it’s a retro swimsuit, the attitude has to be quie badass. Retro-inspired shorts come in an A-line shape, with wider leg cut to flatter your figure. The only thing you have to do is to ensure that the leg cut isn’t too wide. You have to be able to lay back without any stress of someone watching your intimate side.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#2. Camouflage Print

This kind of print was, is and always will be trendy. It even made its comeback in some clothing collections. As you already know, the military vibe is quite hot. This print flatters every silhouette and you could even match it with a T-shirt in the same shade. If you are bold enough, you can even wear matching swimsuits with your girlfriend. Everyone will think you’re the hottest couple on the beach! If patterned shorts are out of your comfort zone you can get solid khaki shorts.

Photo Source: Asos

#3. Stripes

Just tlike the camo print, this one always will be IN! The nautical-inspired swimwear offers a classic way to channel the ocean vibe all over the pool side. The upgrade would be the actual shades. Everyone;s favorite seems to be the combination of white with other color. Nautical shorts come in various lengths across the high street, meaning you can buy anything you want without sacrificing you personal style. It’s important to stick with your choices and consider the trends a guide to what’s on the runway. As a general rule, classic navy and white stripes should be mid-thigh. The fashion guys may choose bold stripes with a mix up of stripes in length, direction and color.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#4. Flower Power

Florals are the IT print of the season no matter the clothing item. You can’t escape it especially in the summer. The key when choosing a vivid print is to choose for shorter styles than those you would usually wear. Plain colors look the best in longer shorts. The florals are to be chosen on a mid-thigh length. You should also opt for a looser fit in truncks. You don’t want to look like someone who’s preparing to do a lap dance.

Photo Source: Topman

#5. Tropical Paradise

Hawaiian prints and tropical flowers look good on everyone. If you are dark colored, choose a bright print. If you have a light shade, it’s better to go for a dark background to avoid being washed out. Exotic tropical prints are always welcomed at the beach. This season, the banana or the pineapple print is everywhere. Some of the approved ones are exotic palm trees or playful flamingos.

#6. Color Block

If you are not into patterns, there are the solid block colours to pick on. Still one of the easiest ways to keep your cool, these ones may highlight the tan you are gaining each day at the beach. It’s likely to find some shades that flatter your skin tone than a whole pattern. A simple block-colour swimwear will be the safe choice. This season, you are free to choose. Our favorites are burgundy, deep green, red, navy, lime green, corai or vibrant blue. Go for something more vivid especially if you are dark colored. You know what they say: 50 shades of… Baywatch!

Have fun at the beach boys!

Don’t forget the sunscreen protection!

Photo Source: Topman

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