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The socks are the basic accessory in a man’s wardrobe. No matter how insignificant it may seem, this accessory completes the outfit, as well as the belt, the wallet, the watch or the tie.

But, back to the socks. You’ll find them in different shades, shapes and textures, but there are few men who really know how to wear them and with what.

Here are some useful advices on how to wear the men’s socks in the right manner!


#1. The Basic Rules

When you wear long pants, be sure you choose long socks. It’s not very nice to show some skin when you are seated.

Do not wear socks with sandals or loafers, no matter the size of the pants. This kind of combination would be the perfect example of bad taste.

#2. The Color

When you have a business meeting, avoid white socks. The right choices would be black, brown or navy.

The color of your socks has to match with the pants, but not a lighter shade that the shoes.

Bright colors are suitable for a casual sport look, meanwhile the white socks are for sport shoes.

Nonconformists have colored socks, perfect for a color block outfit. These are a match with the jeans and the T-shirt, or even with a classic cut suit. Be careful not to wear them in the wrong way, especially at an interview or a business meeting, if you don’t want to create the wrong impression.

#3. The Texture

The wool socks are perfect for the cold season.

The cotton socks are suitable during the summer days because it leaves room for the skin to breathe.

The cashmere socks are a label of elegance, but be sure to wash them manually, or you’ll ruin them.

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