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How to dress when you go to a wedding? When it’s ok to wear tie? Should you wear suit at that business meeting? Here is a full guide for men everywhere with the fashion tips you need to know.

Just like any other code, the style guide is a secret language that men everywhere need to understand. It’s all expressed in clothing and outfits. We all can assume that the right figure is your way of expressing the feelings toward the event you attend.

There are 2 categories of men’s style (Day & Night) guide divided in 6 levels of non-verbal language.

  • The DAY attire: business casual, business formal and smart casual.
  • The EVENING / NIGHT attire: black suit, black tie and white tie.

The DAY Attire

This refers to the time between 6 AM up to 6 PM. Monday ’till Friday, this amount of time represent the working days. That would be the reason that we all dress like going to the office: business casual, formal business, or simply business. During Saturday and Sunday, you’ll choose a smart casual look.

#1. Business Casual Attire

The least fancy of them all, business casual attire requires the lack of the actual tie.

Important Facts:

  • The shirt is mandatory and it’s recommended to be in a light shade.
  • The suit is a must and it should be in a relaxed shade: grey or navy.
  • The shirt shouldn’t be in a dark shade or in a vibrant color.
  • The suit shouldn’t be black, green or any other color because it becomes other fashion style.
  • The shirt can be replaced with a polo long sleeved shirt.
  • The pants can be replaced with dark colored jeans, but not black.
  • Avoid stripped suits.
  • Don’t go for black shoes.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#2. Business Formal Attire

It’s the most popular of them all among men. When you have a higher perspective on the job, you’d want respect, therefore you have to look impeccable, stiff.

Important Facts:

  • The tie is a must.
  • The shirt has to be white or blue, in general, a light shade.
  • The suit may be dark grey or navy.
  • You’d have to wear black shoes or, during the day, brown ones.
  • The only material for a suitable business formal is the stripped one.
  • There are 3 business type of shoes: Oxford, Brogue and Loafers.
  • In less than formal situations, you can even wear shoes with buckles.
  • The suitable tie knot would be “4 in hand” – the easiest way to do it.
  • You should wear a white handkerchief in the pocket of your jacket.

Photo Source: Pinterest – Oxford Shoes

Photo Source: Pinterest – Brogue Shoes

Photo Source: Pinterest – Loafers Shoes

#3. Smart Casual

Smart casual is not stiff, it’s that Casual Friday outfit everyone is talking about. You can wear this kind of outfits up to 6 PM. Every man would choose the shade of the suit or the shirt according to his personality, but the tie and the bow are mandatory.

Photo Source: Tumblr 

Important Facts:

  • The tie and the bow are mandatory.
  • The suit is a must have.
  • The shirt is colored in any way you like, usually in a light shade.
  • You can even use the vest of your suit.
  • Besides the business colors, brown, green, burgundy and even yellow are allowed.
  • The typical fabric of a smart casual outfit would be plaid cloth – checkered print.
  • You can get wild with the colored handkerchiefs.
  • You are free to choose ties in a flower print. The idea is to have multiple colors.
  • The colored bow is quite catchy if you are bold enough to do it.
  • For that retro effect, you can even wear flowers in the upper pocket of your jacket.


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