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Men’s wrist watch tends to be a less used accessory in men’s fashion. However, we believe it is still a must-have for modern men.

men's wrist watch

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Some people might ask about the utility of such an accessory in the modern world. As long as there are some many other devices at hand nowadays, what is the use of wearing a wrist watch? You can find out the time from the computer, from your car, from the TV or even at the corner of your street. Moreover, people always have a smartphone, don’t they?

Of course, if you only take into account the practical or functional aspect of wearing a men’s wrist watch, it may seem useless. However, as an accessory to complete your look and style, it is always a good choice.

Simple rules to match a men’s wrist watch for a fashionable look

  • Firstly, when choosing a men’s wrist watch you need to take into account your body-build. A larger wrist will require a larger watch.
  • If you plan wearing a suit, then you might consider wearing smaller watches. They go well under the cuff.
  • Have you decided on your outfit? Is it casual, sport or smart? Choose our watch according to it.
  • A men’s wrist watch will add style to your casual outfit. It goes well with polo or casual shirts and jeans.
  • Classical suits ask for elegant watches. Moreover, you can add a matching color belt.
  • If you are after a sports watch, you may consider those with rubber or silicon band. However, for more elegant watches, a leather band or maybe a stainless steel band can be more suitable.
  • Are you thinking about analog or digital watches? Analog watches are classic. That is why they match well with business outfits and formal events. Make sure choose a simple face for your watch in this case.
  • Digital watches with LCD or LED  are more casual.
  • However, there are watches combining the two types. Usually, they are multifunctional and can be worn in daily activities.

As a conclusion, a men’s wrist watch needs to be adapted to the event and the outfit. Remember that your watch says more about your personality that you might think.

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