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A wedding is an important event in everyone’s life – when the time comes. Why not have the perfect one? We all know that each country has it’s own customs, it’s own style for that matter.

Here’s how a Mexican wedding should be like!

♥ The Perfect Time

A summer evening.

♥ The Attire

The wedding dress and the groom’s suit may be different depending on the region. It may vary from a simple white cotton to a colorfully embroidered huipil. Spanish-inspired mantilla veils were common in the early days. The bride might also wear a blue slip or sew three ribbons (1 yellow, 1 blue and 1 red) beneath her attire to symbolize food, money and passion in the years to come near her future husband. The groom would usually wear a lightly colored guayabera, a loose-fitting shirt perfectly suited for the Mexican sun.

♥ Food & Drinks

The usual combination would be spicy rice, beans and tortillas. The traditional Mexican wedding cake is made with nuts and dried fruit, soaked in rum.

♥ The Specific Customs

During the ceremony, the groom would give his bride 13 gold coins, called “arras”. These symbolize Christ and his apostles. After the vows are being said, the priest would wrap a lazo / lasso (a large rosary, rope or a band of flowers), in the shape of the number 8 around the couple’s necks to represent their eternal unity.

♥ The Music

You guessed it: A mariachi band of course. They have to come with at least 2 violins, 2 trumpets, a Spanish guitar, a vihuela and a “guitarron”. This would be the day’s music. A Mexican wedding isn’t complete with La Marcha – a dance similar to an elaborate game in which you must follow the leader. This would be the couple’s reception entrance. Two lines, each led by a family elder, would weave around the room, eventually meeting to form a bridge with their arms before breaking apart to form a circle around the bride and groom for their first dance.

♥ The Important Details

The bridal attendants are called “madrinas” (the godmothers). They help the bride in organising and planning the whole event, arranging bouquets and keeping a general handle on the day’s events. It would also be their responsibility to guide the bride throughout her married life.


With these being said, “Feliz matrimonio”!

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