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The wedding season has just begun! Everyone gets excited and plans every little detail from the moment de decision has been made. Either you’re the bride or just a simple guest, it’s on your mind until it happens.

If you are on the second half, you have been invited to the wedding. There’s a thing to start with: The Location. If it’s a particular one, for example on the beach, packing your bags can be quite difficult.

So, here’s a checklist for everything you’ll need on a beach wedding, no matter what the bride and groom have planned for the actual event!

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#1. An Amazing Dress

Destination weddings usually have a specific type of dress code, especially beach weddings. It’s between smart occasion wear and relaxed beach chic. The suggestion would be a simple silk maxi dress with tanned skin and fancy accessories. This look will be feminine and fluid. You can even choose florals or light fabrics for a romantic look.

#2. A Versatile Clutch

We’re not thinking of that metallic clutch. We suggest you to choose a raffia one with embellishment, tassels, embroidery and pom-poms to make it much more interesting. It’s a beach appropriate thing to have, especially if it’s a useful one. Add some things in it because you’ll probably need them: a SPF lipstick, a sunscreen, a face powder and a little mirror.

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#3. The Ideal Type of Sandals

Sandals are a must have. Besides the fact that they are an obvious summer choice, don’t forget to pack a pair of a gold gladiator sandals. These will give you a luxe look from the pool party to the actual wedding. They are comfy and extremely chic no matter the combination you choose.


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#4. An Off the Shoulder Top

The off the shoulder tops are an easy way to go, especially if it’s the relaxed beach chic. You can wear it with flare shorts or, better yet, with silky palazzo pants for a statement evening look. This look is perfect for showing off your tan. The ruffles, patterns or bow detailing are a plus.

#5. A Light Jacket

It’s easy to achieve the beach look styled in a chic-bohemian way, but there’s more! The weather can be a surprise factor all the time, therefore you need a blazer or a jacket to rely on.

#6. Statement Sunglasses

Oversized, cat-eye, metallic, colored, aviator sunnies – no matter the design you choose, they are a must have at a beach wedding. This place is the only place you are free to choose whatever you want in matter of accessories and even wear them with attitude!



Have fun at the wedding and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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