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Justin Bieber outfit

Justin Bieber dazzled his fans with his latest appearance wearing Off-White x Umbro boxer shorts. If you are a great fan of the famous Canadian singer, you definitely got used with his surprising outfits.

Off-White x Umbro boxer shorts Justin Bieber outfit

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His dressing choices were many times under the spots of critics. However, fans found excuses in the fact that he wants to create an extravagant look, specific to his age. This, however, lies in the need to be unique and famous and not just another common singer.

Even if it seems crazy, there are certainly some things to point out about Justin Bieber’s fashion style. Especially since it brings him in the center of attention and he will never be inconspicuous. After all, this is what a celebrity does, isn’t it?

These days, Justin struck again. His “muse” seems to have been the famous American model Bella Hadid. Photographers spotted the two stars wearing the same outfit at a few days’ distance. The singer appeared in public wearing a pair of Off-White x Umbro boxer shorts.

Off-White x Umbro boxer shorts

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These red shorts make you go back to the 1990’s, when similar pyjama bottoms were popular. However, the outfit was intentionally casual as he paired it with the Adidas Yeezy Boost Sneakers and a simple white T-shirt.

The singer didn’t go too far from the Bella, so he chose a matching backpack.

Off-White x Umbro boxer shorts Bieber and Bella

source: Google

The picture shows that the talented Bieber went shopping. Would it be a pair of sneakers from Nike? Or maybe some items to improve the above mentioned outfit?

One thing is clear: Justin is trying to define himself if we are to look at the way he is dressing lately. Another strange option featured a large cowboy hat, a goldenrod pullover and a pair of athletic shorts.  he completed the outfit with a pair of Bieber merchandise leggings and white sneakers.

What do you say? Which looks best on him? What seems to define his personality best?


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