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Everybody shops! Either you choose to pay online or otherwise, it’s pretty tempting to shop online. Why? Simply because it’s much more comfy to add to cart your favorite items, rather than go into a store. It might be better to do a lot of stuff instead of rambling around different stores to find the perfect items.

Pour yourself up a glass of wine and start browsing through an endless stock and the next day delivery option. But, like any other thing, it might have dark sides. So, if you get disappointed with quality, price or the size, we’re here to help you!

#1. Consider your size

It may be the biggest mistake in online shopping: choosing the wrong size. There are lots of websites, especially the ones in your country with specific size. It’s the size that matches. But, if you look up the foreign ones, please consider the size chart they have. So, make sure you know your measurements. We recommend getting your bra size confirmed regularly.

#2. Read the reviews

Sizing can be inconsistent even within brands. It might be worth looking at the “review” section offered by some online stores. Here, the customers say whether pieces are true to size or not.


#3. Learn How To Filter

It’s easy if you know what you are looking for. If not, it’s best to scroll better. Online, you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of choice, so it pays to know how to filter your search. It’s good to browse through the trends or the lookbook section to get inspired. After that, when you start to research, get to know the filters that suit your style.

#4. PLAY the catwalk

Bonprix, ASOS, NET-A-PORTER and other websites offer video footage of the items being worn by a live model. It’s the best way to see the cut, the fabric, the fit and real colour. They also offer zoom footage of details, meaning that you get to see every little hint of quality.


#5. Check the website regularly

It may sound odd but, if you got a positive experience ordering on it, keep it in mind for the next shopping spree. It’s a common thing to stick with the comfort zone, than to test other teritories. Besides, these websites may give you benefits at your next visit. It may be a reminder that sizes come up small in one shop or a hint about the quality of tops. It may be keeping your own advice to hand.

#6. Get used to the best search terms

The search terms are that particular word that a website uses to define something. So, knowing what a site does best will help you find the good stuff in making the selection. ASOS usually has some stellar silk pieces – whether you’re looking for pieces of these descriptions or not, filtering by styles you know a brand excels at will help cut some of the inferior product.


#7. Check out the material

It’s important for you to know if it has 50% elastan or only 5%. You get the idea on how it may fit on you. Anything majority polyester should set off warning signs, unless you’re a true fan of it. The cashmere is everyone’s favorite, therefore the simple mention of it it’s truly important. Besides, don’t forget to check those wash labels.

#8. Note the return policy

Returning an item can be a pain in the ass! Yep. We said it. It’s truly annoying to order something and not to suit you. It’s worthwhile knowing the return policy in advance. Some brands take all the inconvenience out for you, like ASOS and Zara whose collection you can arrange with the click of a button. Others, may involve store visits and multiple phone calls to the call center and couriers. Do your homework before you order to save yourself time.

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