#1. Chanel no. 5 (CHANEL)

parfumuri care au scris istorieLaunched in 1921, it’s a rose, jasmin and vanilla kind of history. One of its icons is Marylin Monroe that quoted something interesting back in the ’50s: “What do I wear in bed? Why? Chanel no. 5, of course! It became a true symbol of femininity being timeless, sophisticated, elegant and touching.

#2. Eau de cologne imperial (GUERLAIN)

Pierre-Francois Guerlain was one of the most important perfumers in the history. Created in 1853, it’s a special perfume with lemon, bergamot and rosemary scents in it. This fragrance was dedicated to Queen Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon the III-rd. Soon after that, Guerlain became her personal perfumer.