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Pharrell X Adidas Tennis HU

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Pharrell Adidas launched the new PHARRELL X ADIDAS TENNIS HU collection on the 6th of May 2017.

American Rapper Pharrell Williams has a long history together with Adidas. The collaboration is always astonishing if we are to look at the growing popularity of their final product. Thus, everybody has been waiting for the release of this new collection of shoes, Pharrell X Adidas Tennis HU. These shoes are part of Sam Smith sneakers collection. 

At the price of $130, they sold the first 10 pair very quickly, and now everybody awaits for the series production.

The main features of Pharrell X Adidas Tennis HU

The artist chose a unique design. He found inspiration in the iconic lines of Stan Smith Adidas sports shoes. The first 10 pairs bear the unique prints brushed up by Pharrell Williams himself. Of course, these prints are handmade.

This is a promising new collaboration of Adidas and Pharrell and it seems that it will have a tremendous success. The design and the colors became quickly very popular, so it seems we have a new trend in men’s shoes fashion.

Pharrell X Adidas Tennis HU are modern sneakers with very thin lines. The Adidas logo can be easily spotted as well as the name of the artists on the back of the shoes. You can find it in various colors. However, white and blue is the most common combination, and then yellow or green.

The sneakers boast a white Primeknit upper, a lightweight EVA midsole, an integrated lacing system, and a waffle-like pattern throughout. Comfortable and light, they also make you look good while wearing them.

You’d better hurry up and get your pair of favorite Pharrell X Adidas Tennis HU.


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