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In case you didn’t know, airplanes are just like a tissue when it comes to absorbing the water. During the summer holiday, for sure you already thought of an exotic destination. How can you get there? By airplane, of course.

The lack of humidity in a flight ride is similar with the one in the desert. The procent may drop by 12%. Therefore, the level of hydration is getting lower and lower. A hydrating cream is a good choice, but not on the long term, especially if you’re a true traveler.

It’s possible to have problems with sebum control, sensitivity and getting dry. In theory, the pressure in an airplane is normal up to 7.000 m. But, if you remember all those geography lessons, while passing through higher mountains, the level of oxygene in air drops.

Higher altitudes may cause a lower blood circulation, therefore, a grey shade of your skin. Here is a skincare guide while traveling by airplane.

The key ingredients to travel with are antioxidants (highly protective), lipids (maintain the level of the water) and hyaluronic acid (retains every drop of water in your skin layers).

You can find them in travel size kits.  Use them in the airplane because are benefic for your skin. It’s safe to mention that weight up to 100 ml, tha standard quantity.

Here are some examples:

#1. Decleor Soothing Discovery Kit – Face And Body – Travel Kit

#2. Uriage – Travel Kit

#3. Bioderma – Travel Kit

Bioderma-travel-kit-best products-skincare-routine-while-traveling-by-airplanePhoto Source: Google Images

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