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Aaaa. Weddings. Weddings. Weddings. Everywhere in the world, the union of 2 persons that love each other is celebrated in the most unique way possible.

A wedding in Romania can be one of the most authentic and inspiring way to understand the maner in which this eastern european country has old and new traditions combined together. Because there are times when cultural identity tends to fade as globalisation takes its place, a true Romanian wedding holds up these specific customs we all should know.

In Romania, weddings usually go like this: the couple goes to the city hall in the morning to get legally married, then back at home to get all dressed up and, in the evening, they go to church to get married in religiously. After the church, everybody goes to the wedding party in a restaurant or a ballroom.

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These are the customs that most Romanian weddings have.

#1. Kidnapping the Bride

Through the night, some guest kidnap the bride. This is an interesting custom at a wedding because we all know that the bride is the soul of the party. The tradition of the bride being kidnapped by the groom’s friends is not a specific Romanian tradition, but a custom around the eastern part of Europe. There are some differences regarding this tradition depending on the country, but just to be clear it happens. The custom reminds us of the old times when the bride was a very important “possesion”.

#2. The “kidnappers” Ask For Ransom

For example, in Romania, the custom goes like this: a group of close friends of the groom take the bride and sneak her out of the ballroom, from her wedding actually. She is most often taken to a bar, a club, in the city center or in a park where they drink shots, they dance on another music, they have fun while the groom worries. The gkidnappers are entitled to demand a ransom. They negotiate on the phone and when they reach an agreement, the bride is brought back to the wedding. Usually, the ransom is either paid in whiskey or fine wine bottles. Another ransome would be for the groom to make a speech to declare his love to his future wife.

#3. Actually Becoming a Married Woman

Trading the wedding veil for a head scarf is a common thing to do at a specific time of the ceremony. At a given point when the popular song named “Say goodbye, dear bride (to your father and your mother)” is played, the godmother takes the veil from the bride’s head and replaces it with a head scarf. This custom symbolises the transfer from a girl to a married woman responsible with the household and future children.

#4. The Wedding Ceremony Step by Step

Between the city hall and the church, the bride and the groom must dress properly in wedding clothes. This is also a ritual still kept in modern times. So, the bride is getting ready for the wedding as her mother and some of the closest friends help her with the white dress.

At a given hour, the groom comes to her house to take his wife to the religious ceremony. The groom also arrives with a group of his most close friends. There is a tradition that the best man would symbolically shave the groom with a knife before the ceremony. At her house, the guests make a round dance with the groom and bride and after that they would sit the bride on a chair and “break” a sweet bread above her head. Afterwards, all of them go to the church for the the next step.

#5. The Religious Ceremony Course

At the church, the priest performs the ritual – as most often is orthodox. The ritual takes about 30 minutes and in it, the couple must listen to the priest and his deacons who read from the Bible and wish the married couple all the best. The bride and groom are quiet during it. At some point, they receive some bread to eat it symbolically and then some wine. In the end, the couple, the parents and the godparents have a round dance around a middle church table.

#6. Money as a Wedding Gift

It’s a normal thing for the guests to give the groom and the bride gifts. Except the occasions in which you choose to give them actual things, the almost mandatory thing to do is to give them money in an envelope at the end of the party. The couple use this money to pay for the wedding, for the honeymoon or, if they can for actual things they want and need – the advance for the loan at the bank to buy a house, a car.

#7. Superstitions For the Wedding Day

  • If it rains, it means luck in marriage;
  • The bride should cry before the weeding so she would be happy in her marriage;
  • It’s a good sign if a relative sneezes before the actual ceremony;
  • On the wedding day, no woman should stay between the bride and the mirror. If this happens it means that the bride would be cheated.
  • A spider found on the dress means good luck;
  • If you drop the wedding rings it means death;
  • It is really bad luck to see another bride on your wedding day. So, you should be careful at the church.

Info Source: Tourist in Romania

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