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The romantic fashion style represents the true elegance. The romatic girl would choose dresses, dresses, dresses.

These dresses will be fluid, loose, from a soft canvas, silk or lace. Her looks will be impeccable and always stylished and tasteful. She looks like in those Hollywood movies. She prefers the natural fabrics like quality cotton, silk, fine cloth, chiffon, fine canvas and crepe fabrics.

This fashion style has its origins in the Romantism Epoch (the suit from 1830).

Unpredictable in choosing her outfits, she will always choose tastefully, not ostentatious with breasts in plain sight. The romantic kind of girl won’t choose short and tight skirts, excessive cleavage or leather pants.

She enjoys layering: feminine tunics and pants, dresses and blazers, skirts and embroded shirts. In her wardrobe you will find florals and Japanese-inspired designs.

The romantic woman is feminine by excellence. This fashion style has elaborate cuts, fluid textures, florals, flounces ith focus on the waist and cleavage. The make-up and hairstyle are relaxed and natural. The manicure has vibrant colors with graphic designs. This style suits to those creative kind of girls with feminine choices, those girls who have jobs without clothing restrictions.

Characteristics: elaborate cuts, fluid materials, florals, flounces.

Representative Pieces: fluid dresses made of soft and quality materials like silk or lace, floral accessories, powdered shirts, pastel shades here and there, large shoulders, ballerina shoes, hats, scarves and capes. The colors of choosing: beige, pastel yellow, lavender, red and white.

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