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dressing for large men

When it comes to proper dressing for large men, some people might find themselves in trouble. What would suit me best? How do I hide the parts I do not like about my body? Should I choose this or that?

The mistake most people do in this case is worrying how to look thinner. Why doesn’t it work? Because it is not possible to hide what you are and the only thing you will do is draw attention to yourself. So dress for the body you already have!

dressing for large men

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A few extra pounds do not mean that you cannot be fashionable. Of course, you will not be able to wear everything you wish. But here are some tips on sharp dressing for large men.

  1. Buy proper clothing for your body. They need to fit you. Too tight clothes will not make you look better built! On the other hand, too large clothes will not make you look skinny. On the contrary, they will have the exact opposite effect on you.
  2. Avoid sports jackets, T-shirts, sweaters or anything bulky that could draw attention to your mid-section.
  3. Be careful about prints. Large prints will make you look larger. Also, wear vertical stripes only.
  4. Colors are the key to smart dressing for large men. White shirt and black trousers are definitely not a good option for you. At the same time, darker colors as well as a monochromatic scheme will make you look a lot better. Avoid contrasting colors. They break you in half and point out exactly what you want to hide.
  5. Get rid of bulk. Heavy-knit sweaters or double-breasted jackets will add some more weight. Cotton,  light wool or other natural fabrics are far better choices.
  6. Wear three-button jackets. Thus you may look a little bit taller and slimmer. Avoid two-button jackets. And do not forget that the first button must be fastened.
  7. Turtlenecks are not an option! Instead, try V-necks to make you look sleeker.
  8. Also, mind the shirts. Wide collars will make your face ook rounder. Maybe you should consider banker shirts.
  9. Trousers must be neither too large nor to skinny. You will know they are right if they almost touch the ground.

In the end, clothes need not make you look slimmer, but they should make you look smart.

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