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The sophisticated fashion style is considered to be an extravagant one. It’s elegant and it has overlays of vintage and modern clothing items. We get to know the “couture” kind of woman that knows how to play with two different fashion styles combined all together.

The details are very important for her and the result of her look is a baroque one with borrowed ellements from dmultiple cultures and trends.

The focus is on clothing items made of thick wool multicolored fabric, transparent silk, santung, velvet, cashmere, suede, lace, embrodery, Oriental motifs and African prints. Generally, she puts toghether multiple pieces from different cultures. A sophisticated kind of fashion style includes original, big and quality jewelry.

Also, she likes to play with proportions. In the photos, you can observe peplum, wide shoulders, one buttoned shirts, belts and other details meant o get the most of her look.

A sophisticated woman can be vintage, minimalist, modern, fancy, baroque – all in the same time!

Have fun wearing it!

Photo Source: Pinterest

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