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The sport fashion style isn’t that restrictive as many of us think. It’s not only about sweatpants and sneakers. The sport fashion style is especially conceived to highlight your sporty attitude and features and to make you feel comfortable. 

We can wear a sporty but sophisticated look and here’s how!

This fashion style is always trendy because, ever since the 19th century when sport became popular, the looks became cool. It’s a relaxed, casual and extremely comfortable style for those who choose to wear it without any restrictions.

You don’t have to think that a sporty look is boring or other than feminine, because you can add color and special cuts any time you want. It just has to be functional and to have natural fibers. It all consists in details like: dots print, stripes, logos on the clothing items, shoe laces, knots, drawings. Generally, you can wear the sporty looks with a discreet makeup and casual shoes because, from the beginning, this fashion style was is and will be simple.

First of all, if you don’t want to be boring, you have to add color. You can choose pastel or neon pants and funky T-shirts. You can wear modern shoes with different prints and nonconformist details or vibrant colors.

The sporty-chic fashion style has to match your proportions, your figure and the place/situation you are wearing in. If you just have to be formal, keep the outfit you had in mind for a casual walk in the park with your friends. If your workplace doesn’t have a specific dress code, then, you a free to choose it even at the office. The key is to maintain the femininity and to have that certain detail that keeps the look in the street style vibe, not at the gym vibe.

You can combine a bicolored cardigan with a vest, a midi skirt and sneakers. Choose a simple hairstyle and a natural makeup. The stripes are the main ingredient of a sporty-chic kind of look. Wear it in a tennis-player kind of looks.

The cuts the fashion designers choose are inspired from all sports (especially the ones that require a strict uniform): motorcross, golf, athletics, tennis, basketball.

We reccomend you to give up on the sporty kind of shoes and choose to wear brogues.

The brogue shoes first appeared in Ireland and Scotland. They were man shoes with ruptured leather. Just to be clear, you can find brogue shoes in different kind of designs. A true example of that would be the oxford shoes (those with hidden shoe laces underneath the tongue of the shoes).

These unisex shoes are cool, trendy and more versatile than never!

Representative Pieces: sporty cuts, shoe laces, sport kind of prints (logo, stripes), hoodies, quality material (cotton), vibrant colors, skinny colored pants.

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