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As you well know, the 2017 Spring Summer Fashion Trends came in a rush to reveal it all. Colors, prints, volumes, designs, details and everything needed for fashion lovers worldwide. 

There are multiple trends that come and go. But there are some that remain every season. One example would be stripes. No matter the design or the actual trend, stripes are all over the place.

Browse through our list of Spring Summer 2017 print trends that are to make your spring looks stylish and trendy.

#1. Pajama

The pajama print consists in the silky kind of material or the fine stripes one. It’s good to know that, this season you can wear it inside and outside. Fendi, Etro and Carolina Herrera were only a few to support this trend.

#2. Stripes

Is there any season without stripes? Either vertical or orizontal, this kind of print insists in being in our wardrobe. This print trend is happening everywhere as a happy reminder that summer is all about going on the beach. Flirty dresses from Proenza Schouler and blue stripes at Altazurra convinced us all that it’s still a hot print.

#3. Slogans Mania

Christian Dior was all about “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” and Michael Kors was with “LOVE” on the runway. This slogans are only a few. This season, what everyone’s thinking, has to say on the clothing items they wear.

#4. Unusual Characters

We saw tons of star prints in different shades and colors at Elie Saab. Another interesting print was at Emporio Armani, with those royal elephants on the garments. If you think these are unusual, dragons, zebras and tigers at Gucci are a blast.

#5. Gingham

Black and white classic gingham was spotted at the likes of Carolina Herrera, Toga and Dolce&Gabbana. On the runway, this kind of print was under chocolate shaded plaid utilitarian dresses and patterned sweaters.

#6. Floral Canvas

The upcoming warm seasons found the leading fashion designers all obsessed with floral canvas artwork. Brocade floral prints reveal the romantic girl beneath the pretty looks.

#7. Polka Dots

This is a print seen on many runways recently. The most classic interpretation of polka dots is seen at Dolce & Gabbana – white polka dots against a black background. As well as stripes, the polka dots may never expire.

#8. Animal Print

At Alexander Wang, leopard printed outerwear pieces surprisingly matched with athleisure pieces. Every year, the animal print arrives at fashion weeks showing us the luxury and the versatility of it. Every time, there’s more to that. Baja East revealed a leopard print and we loved it.

#9. Geometric Print

On the runway, we spotted geometric jigsaw prints play with orange, brown and green shades. This graphic is more than we expected because it’s chaotic. Last seasons, we had it in a much more disciplinated way.

#10. Camouflage

Original khaki camouflage was spotted on a petite dress at Marc Jacobs. We understand the need to hide under this print, due to its power.

#11. Optical Illusion Print

The spiral illusion of Emilio Pucci’s collection send the models down the runway with head-to-toe optical illusion. Many designers addopted it, to reveal some mysteries.

#12. Artistic Watercolor

The art and fashion come together in this current trend. Why? Because there are lots of splash of colors on the runway. The perfect example would be Givenchy.

Photo Source: Fashionisers


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