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Spring and summer fashion trends for 2017 will shape your wardrobe so that you can feel stylish and fashionable.

Sun is up already and winter has gone for some time now. It is time you changed your wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends. I am sure you have already re-organized your closet, got rid of the old stuff and made some room for new entries. But maybe you are not exactly sure what the spring and summer fashion trends for 2017 are. I think a few suggestions are always welcome!

Famous brands and designers have created impressive collections. Thus, they make it easier for men to stay on trend. Some features may be out of common and quite astonishing. However, the fashion houses like to make a splash, don’t they?

What are the newest spring and summer fashion trends for this year? 

Wide leg trousers may come as a shocking change this year. Of course, you got used to wearing skinnies. How about comfortable flattering wide leg trousers, cropped just above the ankles?

wide leg trousers

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Old school footwear. This year forget about leather loafers and make it a comfortable walk. Sneakers are back on track. Also, you should try vans, plimsolls or All Stars. They go well on a variety of outfits.

converse all stars

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Pastels. It is time to match your style with the beautiful summer. Thus, do not hesitate to try pink or yellow in 2017. Pastels are a serious comeback from sky blue to soft tangerine, coral to lemon sherbet.

summer fashion trends

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Stripes. On the runways, fashion shows make stripes the guests of honor. They come in various widths to make daring outfits for spring and summer fashion trends. Either we are talking about T-shirts or pollo shirts, horizontal as well as vertical stripes are a must for 2017.


source: google

Prints. 2017 is about heading back in time. Therefore, printed T-shirts are a good option. To give them some fresh air, think about combining them with smarter attire, such as unstructured tailoring or expertly-fitted chinos. At the same time, try to avoid flannel shirts and distressed denim jackets.

printed T shirts

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