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Paris Fashion Week is one of the Big 4 of the world. This week is vibrant, colorful and fashionable in every way possible. This year’s PFW has the new creative directors from Lanvin, Valentino, Christian Dior and Saint Laurent. At the beginning of the year, the fashion week is a new roster of need-to-see young designers.

The street style is more than welcomed at these events. Surrounding the shows at fashion week has become, officially, much more important than the shows themselves. That walk from the personal driver to the actual location has now become a highly specialized and ritualistic walk. The creatures are most successful understand this brief but difficult journey. To be noticed you must create a look that doesn’t look like you put together a look, and when you are noticed, you must not notice you are being noticed. Still, you must be eye-catching, you must stand out.

All this effort has transformed the area outside of the shows into vibrant ecosystems that come alive with rare breeds, all signaling, smoking and smiling.

Here are some of the most impressive species from Paris, the apex of the fashion month calendar. Due to harsh weather conditions this year, was especially challenging for the street style stars. Not only did they have to successfully signal, but they had to consider outer garments and rain protection. The Clickers best known as street style paparazzi never stopped taking photos. How all these magnificent birds of paradise will evolve for next season’s convergence other than in pictures?!

In the following you will see all those amazing looks. Some of them are quote original and managed to launch some unique trends. Walking around in those shoes, the colors were abundant and the vibe was extremely stylish.


Photo Source: Vogue, H. Bazaar, Pinterest

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