Struggle for identity and freedom: Moscow Fashion
Moscow fashion

Moscow Fashion: awkward, strange, a bit tacky but unconventionally interesting. Somewhat brave and daring, this complex culture gives to the industry some talented designers and unique creations.

Contemporary fashion is not about perfection anymore

Post-Soviet youth have their style, their creativity, their struggle for identity and freedom. Russian designers on one hand they incorporate traditional styles, but at the same time exude modernity and manage to be both masculine and feminine in their emphasis on curvaceous hourglass forms.

Moscow fashion

Designers here use synthetic fabrics and bold primary colors, with an odd affinity for the ugly or unusual. This is what Russian fashion may be at first sight. Very different from Western European, doesn’t look like high fashion, at least it didn’t, until now. This new Russian look is one of the most pervasive on current runways — which is, perhaps, why Volkova is so in demand to style advertising campaigns, runway shows and magazine stories; why Rubchinskiy sells in over 140 stores across the globe

They made Russian fashion cool

Moscow, with its punk and skater subcultures, is the next fashion destination for those in search of something different. The Russian young designers stand out as being decidedly un-glam and street-focused. Furthermore, their clothes are tricky, esoteric even: gently over-sized utility jackets, high-waist jeans tied with shoelaces; T-shirts emblazoned with the hammer and sickle. It is hot, strong and different.

Moscow fashion

Russian designers are generating a newfound fascination with Moscow fashion and an updated ballet — a dance between the aesthetics of the Eastern Bloc and the Western world.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

It has been over thirty seasons and fifteen years that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is operating in Moscow.

Since establishment of the Fashion Week, over 400 designers and brands have been demonstrated on the runway. Among all-time participants of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia are the best names of the Russian fashion such as Slava Zaitsev, Alena Akhmadullina, Dasha Gauser, VIVA VOX, Julia Dalakian, Julia Nikolaeva, Laroom, PIROSMANI BY JENYA MALYGINA and many others.

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