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When it comes to summer, all things are allowed. It’s time to spice up the wardrobe and dare more. The season of the flare dresses, shorts and the cutout shoes is here, no doubt in that!

Here comes the obvious question: What shoes to wear with shorts? Here are the best shoes that we could come up with when it comes to wearing shorts.

#1. Choose Comfy Over Aestetics

Most of the times we tend to choose what’s beautiful but not always functional. The most common example would be choosing the right shoes for shorts. If it’s a hot summer, you wouldn’t want to walk around with a pair of inappropriate shoes. You will get hot and really uncomfortable in your stilettos, especially if you run errands that day.

#2. Choose According to the Event

Everywhere around us we see bad decisions when it comes to style. If you’re going to a specific event, you basically know the type of the event and you can even know the dresscode. Because you don’t want to appear on the “No No List!”, do not exaggerate, do not assume unnecessary risks, do not fail when it comes to your outfit. Be careful and choose the right dresscode, in order to get the right shoes.

#3. Examples of outfits

For example, if you are going to the movies with your friends, you have to look amazing but still comfortable. Choose a pair of shorts in neutral colors and match them with a ballerina kind of shoes. Accessorize them with a pair of aviator sunglasses and an oversize bag. Your look will be from the cover of a magazine.

If you prefer an outfit that will put a smile on your face when you think of the summer on holidays at the office, you can choose a casual but chic fashion style with a business look with shirts. The blazer and the shorts will highlight your feminine sides. You can even put a stripped shirt and discreet jewelry. Choose flat shoes or 5 cm heels for a comfy day at the office!

If you get ready for a romantic date or you just feel like to wear an outfit that will highlight your femininity, choose above the knee flare shorts made of a non-iron fabric. Wear them with a shirt or a top in your favorite color and you’re good to go. Put statement accessories, a fancy bag, heels or platform shoes for that chic and elegant look.

What kind of shoes do you wear when you go out?

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