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suits and shoes

Matching suits and shoes may be a challenge, especially if you need to get out of your comfort zone for once in a while. However, it mustn’t be too hard.

suits and shoes

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Every man has his own style and this marks his daily existence. Either it is about casual clothes or special outfits for an important event, a man’s way of dressing up show his personality.

Is it time for a Black Tie event? Or maybe you need to attend a business meeting and you must dress smart. These are special occasions and you want to make a good impression, don’t you? Let’s go shopping, then!


How to match your suits and shoes?

Certainly you do not want to look old-fashioned! So you might want to avoid black suit with black shoes. There are so many options that will make your fashionable style. You just need to try them and be open to new ideas. And, of course, to be careful about matching suit and shoes.

Navy blue suits are extremely versatile and match perfectly with black or brown shoes. Also, they go well with red and cherry shoes or other exotic colors. Which one suits you best? Well, it depends on how formal your look need to be. Black shoes always give a business look, whereas red or cherry are more likely to be worn at social events.

Grey suits are less formal than the previous ones. Of course, you can also match them with any of the colors mentioned above. Dark grey will go well with black shoes, black tie and white shirt. If you choose red or cherry shoes, they give a more casual look. However, you need to go for a colorful shirt in this case.

Brown suits are not very popular. Nonetheless, there are people who still like wearing them. The best match will be brown shoes regardless of the tones, as long as the tones are darker than the suit. Black shoes are not at all a wise choice.

Dark grey suits will give you that solemn look required by business events. Therefore, you should keep it classic wearing them with black shoes. However, if you are a daring person, you might want to try cognac shoes or even light brown shoes.

Khaki suits are anything but business suits. Instead, they are an excellent choice for casual summer meetings. Black shoes are the best match as they set a powerful contrast. Also, blue or navy shoes will go well with them.

Other tips for suits and shoes match

  • You can match the buttons with the shoes.
  • Choose your shoes according to the event, They can make the difference from smart to casual.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. However, make sure the colors of the suits and shoes are not similar.

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