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men's shorts

Summer is here already, so it is time for men’s shorts! What easier way to feel comfortable and look great at the same time?

When we say summertime, we absolutely think of hot weather. Therefore, we need easy outfits that let the skin breathe. Even if light cotton or linen trousers are more popular, shorts can also be fashionable. The only risk can be that of making the wrong choice. So instead of being elegant or attractive, we might create a ridiculous look. That is why we need e few tips on how to wear men’s shorts.

men's shorts

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Men’s shorts for an elegant look

  • When to wear them? Well, maybe it is better to know when  to not wear them. And that is, of course, at formal or business meetings, at work or at special events.
  • What is the proper length? The length depends on how tall you are, how thin or thick your legs are. However, there is a very strict fashion rule to not have them below the knees. Of course, there is also a limit for above the knees: not more then 2-3 cm. If you are not too tall, the you are allowed to break this rule a little bit. After all, it is a trick to help you look taller.
  • Tight or flare? Thin legs will never go with flare shorts. They need to be tight with some stripes or checked.
  • What color is suitable? Black or dark navy will do just fine. However, if your body is well-built, you can try various colors.
  • What type of men’s shorts to wear? Again, it is more important to know what you should never wear. Thus, safari shorts are out of the question! Multi pocketed shorts also have low credit as they are more suitable to going on a trip. Camouflage shorts as well as flowered shorts are not very successful either.
  • What to wear them with? Classic or polo T-shirts and short-sleeve or rolled up sleeve shirts are a very wise choice for men’s shorts.
  • What about shoes? It depends on the type of shorts you wear. Here are some suggestions: denim shorts and fashion sneakers, shorter shorts and boat shoes, tailored shorts and oxfords, swim shorts and flip-flops, long shorts and driving moccasins, cargo shorts and sandals.


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