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Swiss fashion

Switzerland is famous for its luxury watches like no other country. The Medieval silk center of the world still has talent and creativity to attract attention and to impress.

Yvonne Reichmuth

Swiss fashion

A world of soft curves, strong angles and sporty overtones with sleek. Reichmuth is the designer and stylist of YVY’s collection of Swiss fashion leather accessories.

Born in 1986, Yvonne Reichmuth began her career as a womenswear designer. Developing a strong passion for leather, Yvonne began to focus solely on leather crafting.

Yvonne’s designs have been worn by the likes of Monica Bellucci, Kylie Jenner, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson and numerous other celebrities. Her work has been featured in editorials including Vogue, ELLE, Glamour and GQ.

Mark Stone

Swiss fashion

He is fast becoming a global name in men’s fashion. Mark Stone has his roots in Zürich, Switzerland also. His designs are inspired by contemporary art, music and film. He mixes classical styles with more modern elements to give a casual and minimalist, yet sophisticated feel to his collections.

With an active international presence in the main fashion capitals, such as Paris, Milan and New York, Mark Stones is part of the official runway schedule of worldwide Fashion Weeks.

His success is due to the unique approach to fashion, with elements deriving from high fashion minimal aesthetics and high quality, combined with street style urban futuristic touches. The designer is inspired from modern art, theater, films and journeys and focuses in quality and innovation.

Eliane Diethelm

Swiss fashion

Eliane has been in the Swiss fashion business for 11 years. She studied tailoring and worked with her brother on costumes for theaters and the Zurich opera-house among other places. She had a shop before started Little Black Dress with designer Joanna Skoczylas.

In her shop nevertheless even if their most sold colour is black, you can find other warm and cool colours like green, pink and red.

Eliane thinks Zurich has been “waking up in regards to fashion the last few years. It is growing with many good and young designers”.

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