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tattoo choice

The reasons behind a tattoo choice are a matter of personal affairs. More and more people decide to have tattoos these days. It is a catchy trend and maybe you have also thought of getting one yourself. However, this is not such an easy decision to make. Once you have it, it is very difficult to remove it. Obviously, tattoos are not for everyone.

tattoo choice

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What about your tattoo choice? 

You certainly thought of having a tattoo. Maybe you still hesitate about it or wait for the right moment. Or maybe you already got one (or many) and want to add a new one to your ‘collection’. It seems you can get addicted! Here are some things that might interest you on the topic.

Tattoos have a long history and their meaning changed a lot along the ages. People always wanted to change something abut themselves and to feel that they are unique. At some point, tattoos were a matter of hierarchy in the society. Later on, many other reasons to have a tatto appeared: religious, cultural, ornamental or even sexual. Closer to our days, people flt the need to show their belonging to a certain social category. And what a better way to show it than having a tattoo?

Nowadays, a tattoo choice relates to good taste in fashion. They became important accessories to define one’s personality. On the other hand, they became a popular alternative for various medical conditions (accidents, operations or scars). Moreover, tattoos have become quite a piece of art. They are a symbol of passion, of sweet memories or and expression of who we are.

Think carefully before making a tattoo choice 


  • Some jobs require having no distinct marks on your body. So make sure tattoos do not affect your career dreams.
  • They are very difficult to remove. Therefore, you need too make a wise choice from the start.
  • In some cases, your medical condition will not allow you to have a tattoo. Dermatological problems or heart issues may involve some risks.
  • Get ready to feel exposed. People would stare and ask questions about it.
  • Always go to a pro! Check for licence and authorization.
  • Check the portfolio. Make sure they would not fail.
  • Don’t forget to see a doctor, especially if you feel something is not right after the intervention.


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