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You know what they say: Autumn is coming! Yep. Is just around the corner and you need to get your wardrobe up to date. As you can imagine, there are lots of trends to follow the following season. But, some of them are pretty hard to get in touch with. Therefore, it’s quite nice to get to the most affortable ones.

Of course, it’s time for the shopping season. There are lots of stuff to spend all our money on! Instead of wondering around in stores, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most important trends. These are worth investing in this season.

Girls, it’s time to get fresh this fall! Let’s get something great out of the cold weather that’s about to come!

So, here’s a look at this season’s essentials. Enough to get yourself together, right?

#1. The ’70s plaid

Oh well! This plaid print is all over the place for the past seasons. It’s coming, it’s going, it’s everywhere. So fashion’s been referencing the ’70s for a while now. This season’s obsession is all about it. Vibrant colors and bold prints are all about this season. We already love brown, green and orange plaid. The daring ones are the statement ones. Colored and different are the key words.

#2. At least something red

Either it’s a shirt, a specific accessory or a bold bag, red is the color to wear! If you’re one of those people with their wardrobe minimalist and with non-colors in it, here’s something funny! Red should be the attraction point among them. Something really, really red. And make it a statement piece. Be bold.  You can do it. Giambattista Valli did it already!

#3. Unique handbags

Handbags and jewelry are best friends. Why not wear them together. Like… together! J.W. Anderson did it first with his Pierce series. All in one kind of together. It’s like your handbag is wearing jewelry.

Gucci Resort 2017

#4. The bold, dark and berry color

From Valentino to H&M and La Perla, we saw that this specific color made it through. Therefore, the classic bitten berry lip is just about everywhere. Either it’s a matte bag, a lipgloss or a bold trench, this choice must be in your wardrobe. Just make sure the shade is on that purplish-blue spectrum.

#5. The glitter boots

Everyone remembers the Yves Saint Laurent boots from Paris. It’s impossible to forget! The ones that were way too high to imagine, slouchy, pointy-toed, and covered in glitter. Yep. Statement was redefined with those ones. The waiting list on those still continues. Every girl out there tries to replace them with glittery boots. Either over-the-knee or short ones, they have to be with glitter.

#6. The folkloric fantasies

It’s everywhere. And it’s pretty. This particular embroiderie seems to be quite attractive during the fall season. Being a multi-colored print, you can dare wearing diaphanous dresses or statement bags or skirts. Search them everywhere because they seem to become timeless. We don’t mind, right?

Photo Source: Pinterest

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