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The baroque fashion style is quite impressive! The representative pieces are opulent, excessively decorated, abundant, exaggerated with shiny elements, even crystals. This fashion style first appeared around 1600 in Michelangelo’s paintings. It soon became a source of inspiration in everything, including the business of fashion.

When it comes to this specific style, you are free to mention clothing and jewelry in the same sentence because is all-in-one. The items tend to be over-decorated with shiny details, thick fabric, velvet, brocade, embossed embroidery, exagerrated cuts, rigid corsets, asymmetric ornaments and shiny clutches.

You can see the baroque style and the oppulence that comes with it on the runways at Dolce & Gabbana, BalmainMarni, Lanvin and Jason Wu. The inspiration would be the paintings of Michelangelo and Caravaggio, in which the designers made printed dresses using damask embroidered with gold, high collars, oversized ornaments and exaggerated cut in order to make a statement.

Dolce & Gabbana designed rigid corset and double cut, that would highlight the feminine curves. Then he added jeweled clutches to the final look. The 2012/2013 Balmain Fall Winter Collection was inspired straight from de details of the aristocratic Versailles Palace.

Marni expressed this fashion style with thick fabrics loaded with shiny details and floral prints on the brocade, while Versace used fine velvet. Lanvin showed dresses decorated with fine lace, and Jason Wu beautifies the garments with embossed embroidery.

2012 was the exact year when the fashion designers went wild with this particular fashion style. They developed a real obsession for the baroque looks, especially during the fall season. Refinement, elegance and a vintage allure are the exact feelings to describe these collections.

Nowadays, you can find the inspired pieces integrated in different looks. They are put together with different type of fabrics from 2 different syles, leaving the baroque-inspired item to be statement. The accurate example would be jeans + a brocade jacket with shiny pockets.

REPRESENTATIVE PIECES: clothing pieces with ornaments, embroidery and tapestry, fabrics like velvet, leather and silk, colors like gold, black and silver, various combinations of asymmetrical lines.

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