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Fashion might seem easy. Do you know when it becomes difficult? When you find yourself in lack of inspiration and you don’t know what to wear. But, luckily, there are certain pieces that just work.

Whether it’s a little black dress or those pom-pom killer heels, we all tend to find that something different. Funny thing! Playing it safe is the best thing to do. It’s the statement pieces that get the most adulation.

Here are the 6 clothing items that are guaranteed to gather compliments.

#1. A Feminine Shirt

The comfort zone we all have will master this shirt. It’s about that pretty blouse you own meant to have the same effect as a two piece. The key is to go for feminine details. That means big sleeves, ruffles, frills, and even pink hues. This basic item will  expose your inner girly girl.

#2. The Oversized Earrings

If you feel boring, add accessories. Sometimes, the simplest choices are the most effective. Embrace the oversized earrings and invest in an eye-catching pair. Show them to the world with a ponytail or a back hair kind of look.

#3. A Printed Two Piece

Follow the fashionistas everywhere and invest in a printed two piece this summer. It never gets old. For the most flattering look, choose a crop top and palazzo pants. This duo will balance your proportions.

#4. A Statement Coat

A trench, a blazer or even a statement jacket never killed anyone. The beauty of a statement coat is you can transform the simplest outfit by throwing it on top. Either you choose florals, metallic details or embroidered designs, opt for what appeals most to your taste.

#5. The Ideal Summer Dress

This one is the ideal shape, size and print. With so many cool summer dress labels around you, you really can take your pick. If you are a floral maxi kind of girl or a minimal one, choose something comfy and tendy, You’ll be cool in white designs, because white is never overrated during summer days.

#6. The Gorgeous Shoes

Look to this season’s crop of wow factor heels for a more subtle way to gather the compliments. Velvet to pom-pom tassels, ballerina to sneakers, choose cool, hot and trendy. This time, let your footwear make the statement.

The Basic Clothing Items From a Girl's Wardrobe

The Basic Clothing Items From a Girl's Wardrobe

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