You’re a girl. You’re always on the run. You have to get up, dress up and show up. It’s pretty difficult to do them all, but we have some tips&tricks to help you get through the day. Even if your purse does the trick, it’s good to have a backup, just in case. So, your car may become the modern-day dressing table meant to have everything you need.

So, when it comes to doing your makeup on the move, be sure you have in your car these beauty essentials.

#1. Wipes & dry wipes

Simply because you need to wipe different things in your car and even your personal stuff – the scattered make up products, your phone, your hands, your shoes. They come in handy when needed.

A tidy car = a tidy mind.

#2. Hair bands

No matter the season, you simply must have hair bands close enough to gather all your hair in one place. That’s because you need to focus on other important things, especially if it’s during summer when your car has been parked in the sun ALL day. Nobody wants to wave their hair in a sauna – ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE LONG HAIR. There’s nothing worse than having sweaty strands in your face on a hot day. Now all you need is a coffee and your day can go on!

#3. A lip gloss

A perfect make up routine ends up with a lip gloss, lip pencil or a lipstick! What to do if it wipes out the second you eat your breakfast and had your first coffee? Yes. You need to have one at your service. You may choose a neutral color or the color that suits you best! You’re thinking RED LIPSTICK, right? We knew it.

#4. A 5 star concealer / Face powder

There’s a high chance that a pesky spot will crop up at the most inconvenient of times. Carry with you this simple tool to fix your make up immediately. Clever, right?

#5. Blotting papers

Having shiny skin isn’t and it won’t become a trend anytime soon. They come in handy especially if you have oily type of skin. They absorb oil better than a compact powder, plus they’re totally mess-free and easy to swipe on. You can apply the powder afterwards.

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#6. Your favorite eyeliner

If you’re driving off somewhere fancy, like a date with the other half, refresh your eye line with a a few coats of eyeliner. Just be careful to do it right, not to ruin your entire look.

#7. Cotton pads

Because if the eyeliner goes wrong, the cotton pads will go right and fix up everything. Besides cotton pads you may add cotton buds.

#8. A mini dry shampoo

It’s a fact! You have the most beautiful hair after the morning routine, but, during the day, the weather or… whatever the issues are, your hair tends to look limp and lifeless. The dry shampoo is your best friend. Our favorite of them all? Batiste dry shampoo – it will banish oily roots and keep your locks from falling flat in just one spritz.

Are you curious why your dry shampoo isn’t working? Here’s how to fix it in this suggestive Infographic.

#9. A travel-size perfume

No matter where you’re driving to – work, date, brunch with your friends – there’s no excuse not to smell amazing! Tom Ford’s Noir Point Roll On Perfume is travel-friendly thanks to the rollerball applicator. That way, you’re guaranteed that it won’t leak all over your car seats or your purse if you’ll try to take it with you. Simply swipe over your pulse points and you are good to go.

#10. A lint-roller

Your look isn’t perfect if you have lints all over you. Before you get out of the car, make sure that you are spotless! If needed, before you get into a meeting, be sure you’ll use it one more time!

You’re good to go and simply be fabulous!


Photo Source: Pixabay


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