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When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, sleeping is one of them. It’s not surprising that a healthy life comes with one of the most important ingredient for a fresh and young look.

During the night, when the body is resting, the sleeping process becomes a true fountain of youth. To be precise, while sleeping, your skin constantly regenerates. These being said, the night is the perfect time to take advantage of the skincare products nutrients, because there’s plenty of time to act.

Here are the most important benefits of sleeping 8 hours per night for a healthy lifestyle.

#1. A Healthy Skin

Fewer wrinkles. While sleeping, your skin produces colagen, therefore you’ll get a much ferm and fresh skin. More colagen, less wrinkles. If you sleep aroung 5 hours per night, your skin dries step by step and and the fine lines will appear for sure.

#2. A Fresh Look

During your night sleep, the blood carries oxygene, vitamins and minerals directly through your skin. Without a minimum amount of time of sleep, the process is slowing down. So, your skin becomes toneless and with a lack of freshness. In other words, a fresh look comes with that natural glow. 

#3. A Bright Look

A good night sleep comes with bright sight. If you don’t have that sleep you need, you get those swolen eyes and those bags under them. Sleeping facilitates the lymphatic drainage and the circulation of the blood in your body. When something’s wrong with that process, your sight will show exactly that.

#4. The Other Products Have Better Results On You

As we said before, night is the perfect time for your favorite skincare products to act at their full capacity. During your sleep, the skin is in the middle of the repairing process and a more consistent blood flux helps the active ingredients from your lotions to get deeper into your skin. 

You should know that, during the night, the epiderm looses much more water than during the day. So, it’s recommended to support it externally, by applying a hydrating serum with a light texture, right before we go to bed.

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