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In the past days, most of Pakistani people preferred wearing clothes that reflected their local culture but, through the time, things have changed in their way of thinking. Now, Pakistani adopt fashion trends of international market which has led to the immense development in this field and people showed a strong attention towards the business of fashion itself.

Therefore, in this article, we mention some of the best Fashion Schools in Pakistan, in order to sustain the interest in the field.

#1. Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is the first Liberal Arts University of Pakistan offering undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of Liberal Arts including Visual Arts and Design, Architecture, Psychology, Economics, Journalism and Media Studies, Theatre, Film and Television, Education, and Computer and Information Technology. Website HERE.

#2. Hajvery University (HU) promotes equitable access to training and education opportunities, lifelong learning or continuing education for all regardless of race, religion, gender, age and economic status, among others. Website HERE.

#3. National College of Arts (NCA Lahore) is conceived in a way in which the student’s unique creative and internal impetus is aligned with the requirements of the job market in an increasingly diverse world. Tradition and individual talent both form an integral part of the history for a more meaningful participation in the future. Website HERE.

#4. Karachi School of Arts has the mission to provide higher education options with Bachelors and Masters Degree programs in the fields of Art and Design facilitating the national effort of filling the massive educational gap that exists in the creative industry. Website HERE.

#5. Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) provides state of art infrastructure and facilities relevant to needs of academic and practical education and training for both local and international needs. Website HERE.

#6. International Fashion Academy Pakistan (IFAP) is a multi-dimensional academy and indeed among the first of its kind in Pakistan, IFAP’s mission is to establish a platform that allows the next generation of fashion industry professionals, specifically stylists, models, makeup artists and photographers, to study their field in a professional environment, equipping aspiring specialists with the technical know-how and exposure enabling such students to be able to pursue such studies as a viable career. Website HERE.

#7. Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design aims to be the platform from which individuals can pursue challenging career options in the field of design. Website HERE.

#8. Dandy School of Fashion Design offers an unparalleled range of courses for students; from pattern making and draping, computers and fashion drawing to textile design; our aim is to reflect the breadth of opportunities available in this vibrant, ever-changing industry. Website HERE.

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